Translation of ahem in Spanish:


¡ejem!, interj.

Pronunciation /əˈhəm/ /əˈhm/ /əˈhɛm/

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    • If they had let me in flight deck while airborne, I'd only have distracted their work with my charm… ahem!
    • And today comes further news of the - ahem - minor difficulties.
    • As it happens, it was 6 months before I attended a book group session, and the book itself turned out to be about, ahem, spelling bees.
    • This morning, I found myself caught up in a brief discussion about some of the latest events on the - ahem - popular music scene.
    • I appreciate that this results in slightly uninspiring blog entries… ahem, anyway.
    • Bottom line, the show's a little too, ahem, long, but any less and the $48 price tag would seem limp.
    • I read that book recently and it had a real, ahem, impact on me.
    • These aquarium buddies are cheap, require little upkeep and there is no expensive burial should they, ahem, not make it.
    • Not being constricted by a pocket-money allowance, price is a secondary consideration for we, ahem, more mature buyers.
    • Some of our distinguished public officials would, ahem, be leading the way.
    • Melissa - ahem… I get the distinct feeling that I've been booted out of the cheerleading squad?
    • Something to do with - ahem - a new private secretary in her office.
    • Apologies for stating the obvious but, ahem, it's a tad cold outside - just in case you hadn't noticed.
    • Back in my - ahem - college days, there was a little game called The Century Club.
    • The public bar would win no beauty contests, and avoid it at all costs if you have a problem with passive smoking - or, ahem, folk music.
    • It is far, far more than a mere institution governed by a body of, ahem, rather obtuse potentates.
    • I'm OK at gears but I'm not very good at, ahem, asserting myself in traffic.
    • You don't buy that sort of thing if you haven't got something… ahem… on your mind.
    • As part of my - ahem - sociological research, I have posted another personal ad.
    • The idea is that you train your dog to… ahem… eliminate whenever it hears a certain word or phrase.