Translation of aide in Spanish:


asesor, n.

Pronunciation /eɪd/


  • 1

    asesor masculine
    asesora feminine
    a Presidential aide un funcionario de la presidencia
    • The nurses, anesthesiologists, medical technicians and aides who assist the surgeon are paid.
    • Beside him sit two more press aides and an assistant, who also chip in if they feel matters need explaining.
    • The prime minister now has relatively young and inexperienced aides in his political office.
    • Mrs. Smith is caring for her husband with some assistance from home care aides.
    • Nigerian presidential aides said at midday yesterday that Obasanjo had departed for Liberia.
    • Corruption scandals involving presidential aides have also drained his approval ratings.
    • Presidential aides have promised to review the attack to see what lessons, if any, might be learned from the incident.
    • The Prime Minister's closest aides are confident that their political master can ride out the latest storm.
    • The mayor and his top aides are talented people who do their best as they see it.
    • He sat down and an aide attached a microphone to his jacket.
    • It's also why he and his aides joke that the press is his political base.
    • His aides had cut him off from the political infighting that his illness has triggered at home.
    • The president had an aide call the senator over to him to talk privately with him.
    • As for the pace of this preparation, the aides are saying the president is comfortable with him.
    • Kerry's aides have said they do not believe the timing was politically motivated.
    • Now, aides say the president is comfortable with the pace of his debate preparations.
    • The president and his aides are simply saying right now they're going to do what it takes.
    • Bush aides say the president took all of that in stride but he also took it to heart.
    • Parry was due to serve breakfast to President Bush's top aides this morning, the newspaper said.
    • Top aides to President George Bush arranged a statement on the airport tarmac in Toledo, Ohio.