Translation of aide-de-camp in Spanish:


ayuda de campo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌeɪddəˈkæmp/ /ˌeɪddəˈkɒ̃/

nounplural aides-de-camp

  • 1

    ayuda de campo masculine
    edecán masculine
    • After returning to the United States, he served as aide-de-camp to the assistant commandant, U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School at Fort Bliss, Texas.
    • In 1973 he became the aide-de-camp to the U.S. commander for the brigade, and, two years later, became the brigade's executive officer for A Company, 2nd Battalion.
    • He then served as the aide-de-camp to the X Corps commander in 1952.
    • Each month a list was drawn up of all the members of a regiment listing the officers and their aides-de-camp.
    • An officer of the 3rd Cavalry, Bourke was Brigadier General George Crook's aide-de-camp for 14 years, serving in every major campaign in Arizona and the Northern Plains.
    • His appointment as aide-de-camp to the commanding officer of the Australian Military Forces enabled him to see much of the new army before he was selected to attend the British Army Staff College in 1906, the first Australian to do so.
    • A fine military bearing and social graces contributed at the same time to his assignments as aide-de-camp to several general officers - assignments that greatly enhanced the educational value of those years.
    • In 1916, he served as an aide-de-camp to General Pershing in his expedition against the Mexican Pancho Villa who had crossed the American / Mexican border and sacked the town of Columbus in New Mexico.
    • General Count Philippe-Paul de Segur was an aide-de-camp in Napoleon's army - and even today, his account of the Grand Army's last days makes for harrowing reading.
    • He also served as an aide-de-camp to General Wedemeyer.
    • Just one of many examples would be to expand the aide-de-camp program down to the battalion commander level.
    • He belonged to a professional family (his father was a barrister) and, as an army officer, he was aide-de-camp to a maharajah.
    • On the rare occasions when he did appear, he was encircled by aides-de-camp, soldiers, and various hangers-on.
    • In the scene in the trailer, when he's being briefed by the general, all of them - the general, the CIA agent, the aide-de-camp - look straight at the camera when they talk to Willard.
    • It was passed down the chain of command, together with other orders, and at the end of the process the senior royal aide-de-camp repeated the parole to the king as proof that the army's commanders had indeed been properly briefed.
    • President Mary McAleese and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern were represented by their respective aides-de-camp, Captain Sue Ramsbottom and Captain Gerald O'Grady.
    • Built over 200 years ago, Tomsilla was originally the gamekeeper's house on the Courtown Estate and was once owned by Commandant Brennan Whitmore, aide-de-camp to Michael Collins.
    • Lord Fitzroy Somerset, eighth son of the duke of Beaufort, was appointed aide-de-camp to Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Wellesley, the future duke of Wellington, in 1808.
    • In March 1777 he became one of Washington's aides-de-camp, an experience that sharpened his criticism of the weak Articles of Confederation government.
    • Napoleon literally sat his horse on a hill overlooking the battlefield while aides-de-camp galloped to and fro delivering messages and orders.