Translation of ail in Spanish:


aquejar, v.

Pronunciation /eɪl/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    aquejar formal
    what ails you? ¿qué tienes?
    • A doctor who specializes in sports medicine, however, would give you an answer more tailored to your fitness level and whatever ails you.
    • Her back is strong, so you can go to her to shoulder the angst of whatever ails you.
    • Coffee has been a comfort, an instigator, and a cure for whatever ails you for hundreds of years.
    • Whatever has ailed him this season clearly seems to have healed.
    • All patients can do is trust that the strangers on their health care team are competent and caring enough to do their best to help correct whatever ails the patient.
    • ‘The public is confused by stories that broccoli cures whatever ails you,’ says Key.
    • Whatever it is that ails us, we carry this misinformation with us and it colours our actions, our relationships, our work - in fact every aspect of our lives.
    • The only treatment they may offer is a spinal adjustment for whatever ails you.
    • So if you want to tell me about your boyfriend or whatever it is that ails you, I'm all ears.
    • None of the very skilled physicians in the royal palace had been able to cure him of whatever had ailed him, or even find out what it was.
    • Serve this Mexican-style soup with tortilla chips and diced avocado as a sure cure for whatever may ail you!
    • There were no technicians with the latest equipment waiting to help him decipher the coughs, bellyaches, chest pains, dizzy spells and fevers that ailed his patients.
    • Fortunately, most experts on the subject agree that it's not too late fix what ails the system, and more important, what ails these girls.
    • Fix what ails us and you fix everything, in a sense.
    • And later, is the latest wonder drug curing what ails you or compromising your health?
    • Even if you end up rejecting their feedback, get a second opinion on what ails you.
    • From the days of bleeding with leeches, modern medicine has come full circle to once again see nature is the best place to look for cures to the things that ail us.
    • That may very well be true, but how do you expect me to offer help unless you tell me what ails you?
    • There is almost nothing a parent can do to ‘fix’ what ails teenagers.
    • By gently manipulating your skull, these practitioners claim they can cure what ails you, yet scientific studies have not proven so.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    no andar bien
    estar enfermo
    he's been ailing for a long time hace tiempo que no anda bien