Translation of ailing in Spanish:


enfermo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪlɪŋ/

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    (person) enfermo
    (industry/economy) renqueante
    (industry/economy) aquejado de problemas
    • Maybe a son should be able to secure health benefits for his ailing mother.
    • However, governments around the globe have adopted policies to nurse their ailing economies back to health.
    • In the years to come she spent most of her time away from the observatory as she was looking after her ailing mother or was indisposed herself.
    • This costs us hundreds of millions of dollars annually in tax revenues which could be used for our ailing health care system.
    • The Government suffered a backlash in the local and European elections because of the ailing health service.
    • Monday was a bit of a drama with our poor, ailing pooch, Fred.
    • His ailing physical health has focussed attention on the potential candidates and likely successor.
    • His family said they had no idea why anyone would want to kidnap him and had expressed concern about his ailing health.
    • And the market is certainly not the tonic for our ailing health service.
    • He now aims at becoming a doctor to help the poor, and perhaps some day, his ailing mother too.
    • Her experiences set her thinking about new ways to fix our ailing health service
    • Can he live with the further pressures on the ailing health and education services?
    • From the viewpoint of public policy this is desirable, if banks are to be encouraged to nurse ailing companies back to health.
    • He has come to the hill station with his uncle and his ailing mother to recoup the failing health of the latter.
    • Think of the money this would save the state and how it could be put to ward the ailing health service.
    • Will the tax cuts for the highest income brackets ease the pain of the ailing poor?
    • The government hopes the devaluation will boost exports and increase investment in the ailing economy.
    • On to Egypt now, where a new integrated resort community could help shore up an ailing economy.
    • An historic city that has struggled to boost its ailing economy, it must polish its reputation as a tourist and convention centre.
    • She also said that she couldn't live in Australia to be close to her old and ailing mother because she couldn't earn a living there.