Translation of ain't in Spanish:


Pronunciation /eɪnt/

informal, dialect
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    • In ‘The Kid,’ the poet unveils the hidden core beneath a comfortable mask, telling about how the subject talks candidly about his father ‘sometimes when we ain't talking about baseball.’
    • We ain’t tryin to be something we’re not.
    • We ain't running from nothing. We ain't worried about nothing.
    • The defense is doing all they can out there and we ain't matching them at all.
    • I ain’t no Baby Boomer and will never buy products, services or opinions from people who approach me as such.
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    • Baseball's origins ain't found till they're found.
    • He ain't won a fight in years.
    • Well, he's a man who loves being on the hills and what he ain't climbed ain't worth climbing.
    • Hey sis, I ain't forgotten about ya. I still love you.
    • Bet she ain't ridden a bike in years.
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