Translation of air-dry in Spanish:


secar al aire, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrˌdraɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    secar al aire
    • My towels are air-drying, and almost done.
    • The kits also come with air-drying clay, which can be rolled and shaped for water features, pots, rocks and even gnomes.
    • Virtually every stage of barrel production has an impact on the liquid it was designed to hold - the age of the trees, sawing versus splitting, air-dried as opposed to kiln-dried and how the barrel is toasted.
    • The puree may be air-dried or dried in a slow oven.
    • To start with, it is either salted or brined to extract the moisture, next it is air-dried and then it goes to the smokehouse.
    • The amount of water was determined by percent weight loss upon air-drying and the amount of organic material was determined by percent weight loss on ignition.
    • These were prepared by collecting live gastropods from the study area, boiling and removing the flesh, rinsing in seawater, and air-drying.
    • The first step in restoration was air-drying the costumes, then sending them to the dry cleaners before trying to refurbish some of the less damaged ones.
    • What might be less clear is how to make a more direct connection to the forest by selecting and air-drying your own lumber.
    • A novel air-drying method that was developed specifically for this work, and which proved most suitable, is described here.
    • Look for a dishwasher that allows you to choose between heat-drying and air-drying.
    • If air-drying were attempted many vegetables would simply go bad, or leaves would wither and brown.
    • Harvested samples were air-dried before threshing; grain was then oven-dried at 60 deg C until weight remained constant over 24 hours.
    • Steve Sharps is in the logging business, but is especially interested in selecting out curly maple and tiger maple boards, many of which are being air-dried in sheds on his property or have been kiln dried.
    • I can let my long hair air-dry and it actually looks like I've had an expensive blowout.
    • If you air-dry denim, doesn't it come out like cardboard?
    • The key to re-creating this style at home is to contain any wild frizz and to let the curls naturally air-dry.
    • Blow-dry while ruffling with your fingers, or for looser texture, let hair air-dry.
    • Blot dry with paper towels and air-dry in refrigerator for three more days.
    • Make you sure you wash up with hot, soapy water, and let crockery air-dry if possible.

intransitive verb

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    dejar secar al aire
    dejar al aire para secar