Translation of air chief marshal in Spanish:

air chief marshal

brigadier general, n.


  • 1

    brigadier general masculine Latin America
    teniente general (CAS) masculine Spain
    • The ranks of air vice-marshal (rear admiral or major general), air marshal (vice admiral or lieutenant general), and air chief marshal (admiral or general) were introduced.
    • In January 1944 he became Commander-in-Chief RAF Middle East and the following February took up the post of air Commander-in-Chief for South-East Asia Command with the rank of acting air chief marshal.
    • As an air chief marshal - a rank equivalent to a general in the army and an admiral in the navy - he rose right to the top of the RAF command structure, outranked only by his boss, the Marshal of the Royal Air Force.
    • He was recently announced as the next Chief of Defence Force, a position he will take up on July 4, on promotion to air chief marshal.
    • The families are now bracing themselves for a result, as convinced of their cause as the air chief marshal is of his.