Translation of air conditioning in Spanish:

air conditioning

aire acondicionado, n.


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    aire acondicionado masculine
    clima artificial masculine mainly Central America, mainly Mexico
    • Climate control air conditioning is standard along with a single CD player.
    • Growing up in warm summer weather in NYC meant sunshine, humidity and air conditioning.
    • We had no air conditioning in the warm months and clanking radiators in the winter.
    • The building had no air conditioning, and the room had no windows, so we placed a standalone AC unit in the room.
    • Our room was up on the hill overlooking the sea, equipped with air conditioning and cool interior decoration.
    • Not everyone has air conditioning here so a cool breeze is often top of the wish list.
    • In addition, a survey of local pharmacies found that none had air conditioning or kept a temperature log.
    • Local businesses were being advised to clean their air conditioning and water heating and cooling systems.
    • On the comfort front all versions have air conditioning, electric door mirrors and windows and hi-fi.
    • I thought you had central air conditioning everywhere, so what are you complaining about?
    • It is unbearably hot out there, yet in here I have a chilled water cooler and air conditioning.
    • The various generators and air conditioning systems made sure of that.
    • Mr Webster said the dangers of the Legionella bacteria in air conditioning systems were well known.
    • Install an air purifier and change air filters monthly in heating and air conditioning systems.
    • It's a fool's cool, however, and no substitute for good old-fashioned air conditioning.
    • Soon we shall have to face the choice between a bit of air conditioning or a move to somewhere cooler.
    • The cuts also meant air conditioning and fridges could not work in the stifling heat.
    • Regulations exist in the UK to make sure water supplies and air conditioning systems are safe.
    • The constant high power air conditioning systems shoulder most of the blame.
    • Oh well, makes a change from the high electric bills we had in the Philippines from air conditioning!