Translation of air filter in Spanish:

air filter

filtro de aire, n.


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    filtro de aire masculine
    • Replacing the air filter and crankcase breather filters is a normal part of any tune-up, and of course, tests should be conducted on all electronic control devices and sensors to make sure they are operating properly.
    • An air filter or cleaning device may be another quick fix.
    • Moreover, the device has an air filter which prevents dirt entering the ironing dummy.
    • An air filter for gasoline and diesel engines that drastically improves the burning efficiency of gasoline and diesel engines is provided.
    • Choose an air filter that has a small particle or HEPA filter.
    • Any presence of sand in the pistons, piston rings or valves would be catastrophic, and this means we pay particular attention to the air filter, bringing several different specifications.
    • The engine air filter and exhaust muffler are mounted under the single-piece engine hood to provide a clear view over the front of the tractor.
    • Not only will replacing a dirty air filter improve your fuel economy, it also will protect your engine. Clogged filters can cause up to a 10% increase in fuel consumption.
    • Those who are bothered even after removing the source are wise to use an air filter, especially a HEPA filter, Field said.
    • Anyhow, we had one of those, and a regulator, and a pressure gauge, and an air filter that all had to be assembled.
    • Among the parts stolen were a steering wheel, an air filter, a parcel shelf, locking nuts and a pair of sparks.
    • She recommended that people buy low-pile carpets and that they hoover two-to-three times a week with a special high efficiency particle air filter and buy synthetic rugs rather than woollen ones.
    • Not only because some customers are not only looking for increased performance out of an air filter but are also looking to make their intake/exhaust noise a signature of their cars.
    • 83 percent of respondents said they must have or would prefer that their next vehicle comes equipped with a cabin air filter.
    • This will not only limit the level of grip on the track but, in terms of the engine, the air filter will play a more crucial role.
    • The front bezel detaches pretty easily, no tools needed, and reveals some other features worth mentioning. the first thing you'll notice is the air filter for the front intake fans.
    • Most filters cost between $3 - $15 and can be replaced without much work - especially the air filter.
    • One for drinking water, another for shower and cooling water, a third for food and ‘human waste’, and a high-capacity air filter.
    • Autos and gas appliances are a source of heat and sparks, so consider cleaning the air of sawdust with an air filter after you finish woodworking.
    • I bought an air filter, a vacuum designed for those with severe allergies, and try to monitor the reaction that he has to plants and other things that I bring into the house.