Translation of air guitar in Spanish:

air guitar


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    to play air guitar hacer como que se toca la guitarra (eléctrica)
    • He was in the middle of doing the guitar solo on his air guitar when he finally looked up for a split second and noticed me.
    • So while fans will undoubtedly lap it up, while bouncing around the bedroom to an accompanying air guitar, there isn't much to recommend the uninitiated.
    • Now here's something that's sure to have you crashing around the front room practicing your best air guitar moves.
    • A great riff is what makes you make silly guitar noises while playing air guitar when you think no-one is looking.
    • And Ryan five rows back was doing his impression of the invisible band's guitarist on his air guitar.
    • Sixteen pieces to pogo and air guitar to, this collection seems guaranteed to clear up a rainy day and it will somehow drive your car straight to a summer backyard barbeque instead of work.
    • One moment you catch yourself playing the pretend keyboard and the next you're rockin’ the air guitar.
    • According to the ideology of air guitar playing all evil things disappear from the world whenever people play the air guitar.
    • And while the content of the album is devoted mostly to love and anguish, the delivery is hardly sappy, and it had me busting out my air guitar like a fool - which is exactly what I'm looking for in my rock.
    • I have been known to declare, after being suitably refreshed, that if I fail to leap around and wield my air guitar when it is being played, then I am probably dead and can be buried forthwith.
    • Then he arbitrarily axes a contestant because she won't do a little air guitar for him during an ‘interview.’
    • Charlene complained as she jumped from the table and pretended to strike her air guitar. ‘Spoil my fun,’
    • Indulging in a little air guitar as I continued towards my destination, I arrived at the company I was working at for the day, only to be confronted by a set of locked glass doors.
    • Sounds like an imperative from a Brian May enthusiast but it's really an hilarious guitar rhythm game that gives air guitar devotees something to do with their hands over the festive period.
    • Last question, what are you gonna do when your single is out and you're working here and it's played on the radio, are you going play the air guitar to your own music?
    • The sky, the tile floor, Scott over there with his ipod headphone silently playing his air guitar…
    • The fact that he's simultaneously miming the drum parts, semaphoring the instrumental twiddles and playing an air guitar only adds to the surreal nature of the occasion.
    • But boys, who are simple, fall for her air guitar.
    • His famous credo is that if everyone in the universe dropped what they were doing and picked up an air guitar at the same time, all wars would end and all bad things would disappear.
    • Apparently air guitar is a sport, and there are now championships.