Translation of air quality in Spanish:

air quality

calidad del aire, n.


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    calidad del aire feminine
    • Both air quality and meteorological data are hourly whereas traffic data are daily.
    • The archaeologists have also obtained computer data on the air quality and soil composition of the tomb.
    • The district heating companies will be able to reduce energy and water losses and improve the air quality in Pernik.
    • Industrial, domestic, and natural pollutants contribute to poor air quality.
    • It was a warm and humid day there, but I was really struck by the air quality.
    • The air quality alone must kill thousands every year and so far, only a fraction of the population owns cars.
    • It would only mask the poor air quality for a short time in a small area.
    • The nearby air quality monitoring station at last has something to measure.
    • Seoul was recently found to have the worst air quality of any OECD city.
    • The purpose of the benefit was to raise money for an independent study of the air quality surrounding the local pulp mill.
    • Crucially, she noted that the virus does not survive in an aircraft environment, due to the poor air quality.
    • Indoor air quality can have a huge effect on how severe asthma symptoms are for many asthmatics.
    • Concerning air quality, we continue to maintain a national network to gauge airborne pollution.
    • The rink's management has taken the decision to stop all smoking at the venue and improve the air quality to attract more families.
    • The new norms are expected to improve the ambient air quality in the country, particularly in urban areas.
    • The air quality in the house improved slightly when I quit smoking.
    • The air quality was horrible until most of the debris was moved.
    • Industries, households and forest fires contributed to the poor air quality in major cities.
    • Poor air quality causes severe health problems, as was noted by the previous questioner.
    • All metros and local municipalities are required to have an air quality management plan.