Translation of air show in Spanish:

air show

demostración de acrobacia aérea, n.


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    (air display) demostración de acrobacia aérea feminine
    (fair, exhibition) salón aeronáutico masculine
    • Spectators watching the French aerobatic team perform during the air show at an airfield outside Moscow on Saturday.
    • The weather was perfect - a dappled blue sky the perfect backdrop for a fantastic air show which displayed the capabilities of both aircrew and aircraft.
    • He will perform aerobatics during the air show.
    • The weather was perfect - a dappled blue sky the ideal backdrop for a fantastic air show which showcased the capabilities of both aircrew and aircraft.
    • He was the team leader for the team in an exhibition at the air show.
    • The pair then climbed 200m above the sea, to perform an air show that included flying backwards and virtually looping the loop.
    • Each of these women has made a big effort to be a part of the air show scene, loves aerobatics, loves aviation in general and is uniquely qualified for the job.
    • Every kind of airplane makes the pilgrimage to the air show, from homebuilts to personal jets.
    • The air show and military display starts at 10 am on both days with displays from the Club followed by the large aircraft at 1 pm.
    • Yes, it's that time again - the annual air show of the Model Flying Club is here again.
    • Their commander becomes the Defense Department's on-scene commander for operations at the air show.
    • The next air show is already being planned for 2005.
    • Looking to the skies during an air show, the audience is always fascinated by the speed of jet aircraft, especially fighters.
    • The base commander decided in spring 1944 to hold an air show for the local townspeople.
    • We were at a military air show and the lady with me asked that same question.
    • Instead, they sat on the deck while the air show team performed stunts and maneuvers over their heads.
    • And it's a win for us because it's our airplane doing the air show.
    • The aircraft is owned by the company which stages the air show.
    • Last Saturday I left the Museum site just before the air show display ended.
    • The British squadron also sent three aircraft and a team of maintainers to the biggest air show in Poland.