Translation of airbrick in Spanish:


ladrillo de ventilación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrbrɪk/ /ˈɛːbrɪk/


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    ladrillo de ventilación masculine
    • Buy sandbags or floorboards to block doors and airbricks and remember to ensure there is adequate ventilation.
    • Passive systems are less effective and, although they have no moving parts to wear out, may still go wrong: airbricks blocked by vegetation, for example.
    • Fill gaps around pipes, but be careful not to block airbricks.
    • More expensive alternatives were floodguards, for doors, windows and airbricks, or a portable metal wall to be built around homes when the water starts rising.
    • If your home is particularly ‘airtight’, with double glazing and draught proofing, you might need an air vent or airbrick in an exterior wall.