Translation of airflow in Spanish:


circulación del aire, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrˌfloʊ/ /ˈɛːfləʊ/


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    circulación del aire feminine
    • Mixed ice is the most dangerous kind of airframe icing due to its weight and disruption to the airflow.
    • In addition, fluid flows, airflows, strain forces, and acoustical waves that were previously imperceptible might now be detected.
    • Further power was to have been obtained by fitting a specially ducted fan to increase the airflow through the jet system.
    • The wind tunnel is also set up so the vehicle can be yawed into the airflow at different angles.
    • I noticed a light drizzle but pressed on assured that the airflow at 100 kmh would keep me dry.
    • They are learning what works, and what doesn't, when fliers must contend with unsteady airflows and with airfoils that continuously deform.
    • The students also tailored the shape and proportions of their blade to keep the airflow subsonic.
    • With their long, narrow wings, providing maximum lift and minimum drag, they are perfectly designed for harnessing the winds and wave-deflected airflows of the world's most inhospitable seas.
    • Experts, including some within Boeing, question whether it even makes sense to travel close to the speed of sound, citing the huge amount of fuel that is required to get through unpredictable airflows.
    • Wind speed has a time-varying pattern by nature, especially inside the stands where turbulence in airflows is high.
    • With the fan sitting at the other end and sucking air out, a strong airflow is running through the casing.
    • Aside from that we do try and arrange the airflow so they go downward away from your nose and mouth.
    • The front plate has 62 holes, and most of them are for a good airflow through the core.
    • Even very small leaks in duct work can carry large amounts of moisture, because the airflow in your ducts is much greater than other airflows in your home.
    • There are also some exterior configurations of paint hoses that can be improved to reduce the flaking off of dry overspray, which can be carried by airflows in the spray booth to the surface of the vehicle creating a defect.
    • A cooling zone is established and moved through the grain in the same direction as the airflow.
    • The speed of the airflow through the engine remains supersonic throughout.
    • We broke into it six years ago by retrofitting a spinner spreader, and now we have five spinner units and three airflows equipped for variable rate.
    • The team behind the research using magnetic resonance imaging technology believe it could also advance medical knowledge by looking at how diseases progress, even detailing airflows around the lungs.
    • Discrete levels of nasal pressure were set, and maximal airflows were measured for several breaths at each nasal pressure level.