Translation of airfreight in Spanish:


transporte aéreo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrfreɪt/ /ˈɛːfreɪt/


  • 1

    transporte aéreo masculine
    to send sth (by) airfreight enviar algo por avión / por vía aérea
    • To a company planning to ship airfreight on a daily basis, it is.
    • In his email, Murzello laments that ‘we cannot send them (the men, that is) airfreight, which would assure a quick, guaranteed delivery!’
    • If your shipment is urgent we can ship it airfreight, which will typically allow your order to reach an airport near you in about a week.
    • At the moment, they will deliver the machine to Southampton and we will send it on to you: I assume that you would wish us to send it airfreight.
    • I probably need to send it airfreight, and am looking for companies that operate out of Perth.
  • 2

    flete (aéreo) masculine
  • 3

    carga (aérea) feminine
    • A new system introduced by the city government has cut the average time spent on customs clearance and cargo handling for airfreight at Shanghai's Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone by half, to six hours.
    • The company, which is the largest carrier of airfreight for other airlines, lost its way early last year.
    • Air freight that has been lost, delayed, or damaged, must first be reported by the shipper or consignee (receiver) to the local cargo office before completing a claim form.
    • Book a shipment or submit a claim for airfreight loss or damage.
    • What was originally thought would be a benefit was now another headache; reduced passenger capacity, and less ability to carry mail or airfreight made the aircraft too expensive for Allegheny’s needs.
    • He worked his way through college flying overnight airfreight in Douglas DC.
    • The service tax on airfreight will adversely hit the air cargo export industry.
    • It moved 594,600 metric tons of airfreight and had 184,300 flights.
    • Heegers said the existing airport here was a regulated passenger airport while airfreight from the Eastern Cape was moved by truck to Johannesburg.
    • The report also shows that despite common perception, it is cheaper to move airfreight via Hong Kong from the factory in Guangdong to many overseas markets than it is to use airports such as Guangzhou.
    • When you think of the disruption at the Canadian and Mexican borders, not being able to get airfreight into the country, what these guys did was just incredible.
    • I read that for a time in the 1920s more airfreight was lifted annually out of Papua New Guinea than in all the rest of the world put together.

transitive verb

  • 1

    transportar por avión
    transportar por vía aérea
    enviar por avión
    enviar por vía aérea