Translation of airhead in Spanish:


cabeza hueca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrˌhɛd/ /ˈɛːhɛd/


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    cabeza hueca masculine, feminine informal
    • Since I don't watch TV anymore - except under extreme duress - I don't know what the network airheads and cable morons have done with the story.
    • You've then got the choice between charming airheads or incomprehensible technical folks.
    • If the agency is willing to employ such airheads at their office, what kind of dunces do you think they'd employ for your client?
    • Stefani might give the impression of being a dizzy airhead, but she's no fool.
    • People think cheerleaders are airheads if you go by how American films show them.
    • Her dry Aussie wit is a godsend in an industry choked with airheads, and her quicksilver intelligence animates her luminous beauty.
    • Also we will not accept airheads with bad attitudes who throw beer in people's faces.
    • The problem wasn't so much their performance as their script, which basically confirmed their image as immature airheads.
    • Just to continue your series on good looking airheads on TV.
    • Instead, we're happy to use airheads to sell the newspaper.
    • While some might consider it to be easier than writing, I think there are as many airheads behind the camera as there are on keyboards.
    • It's entirely possible that they're total airheads, but they can do things that I just can't do.
    • I might start a self-help group for those of us who become so aerated by airheads on the airwaves that we want to pelt the set with its own batteries.
    • People think I'm just an airhead, but I just write about what people want to read.
    • I'm reminded of those advertisements for the national lottery depicting an airhead, a feckless character, with the warning that, if we don't play, the winner could end up being that same character.
    • She comes across as a giggly airhead because she's camera-shy and not terribly articulate.
    • You're smart, and it's not cute to play dumb - so don't act like an airhead.
    • The above paragraph makes me sound like a total airhead, even to myself.
    • The audience, or the few airheads that decided to show up, seemed to be right at home.