Translation of airport in Spanish:


aeropuerto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrˌpɔrt/ /ˈɛːpɔːt/


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    aeropuerto masculine
    • It is worth checking, too, for seasonal charter flights from Scottish airports.
    • It was all about passenger landing rights at Heathrow and American airports.
    • Now the Government has set about building new roads and airports all over the shop.
    • The airline mainly uses smaller airports and he admitted the size of Manchester Airport may be a factor.
    • Empty planes, deserted airports and bankrupt airlines are a useful barometer of their fear.
    • Previously, passengers were forced to travel via Heathrow or other hub airports.
    • In addition to primary airports there are a multitude of landing strips able to receive small planes.
    • Of course because of the incident all airports have stopped planes from taking off.
    • An unexpected benefit is the availability of flights from regional airports in the UK.
    • Some carriers have already cancelled a series of flights from London airports.
    • And all the hanging around in airports before and between flights is the worst bit of all.
    • We are condemned to spend hours and money waiting for connecting flights in foreign airports.
    • Flights from Gatwick are included, but connections from Scottish airports are extra.
    • Sheer volume of passengers, particularly at London airports, lies at the root of the problem.
    • The two airports are each served by one main runway, as are Aberdeen, Prestwick and Inverness.
    • Each passenger's face would be scanned at airports and compared with the data in their passport.
    • We are used to arriving at airports and being able to get on and off aeroplanes in very little time.
    • The ports and airports have been alerted in case he tries to leave the country.
    • Police are also thought to know the identity of a third man they are seeking and to have alerted ports and airports.
    • He says that he writes in airports, on planes and trains and between meetings.