Traducción de airtight en Español:


hermético, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɛrtaɪt/ /ˈɛːtʌɪt/


  • 1

    (room/box) hermético
    (alibi/argument) a toda prueba
    • Most modern stoves are airtight and allow the amount of combustion air that feeds the flame to be controlled.
    • A small airtight box divided into sections with strips of cardboard is ideal.
    • The foil is there largely for aesthetic reasons since the cork should provide an airtight seal and only a faulty one will allow any seepage of wine.
    • For tubeless tires, it allows the bead to seat easier and helps form an airtight seal.
    • A baby is placed inside a clear acrylic box, resembling an incubator, which creates an airtight seal around its chest.
    • When applied directly onto the trailer bed, the linings form a permanent airtight and watertight seal that prevents rust and corrosion.
    • She even sends them in an airtight bag to seal in freshness.
    • The treated grain (which is still looks like whole grain) is pitted and sealed in an airtight clamp.
    • It's hygienic, versatile, waterproof, airtight, cheap and of course durable.
    • A small amount of sugar is added to the bottle before sealing it airtight.
    • It seemed as if we were a can of sardines sealed in an airtight container.
    • The suitcases are sealed airtight and have huge orange labels attached to them.
    • This means that coffee should be packed in an airtight foil laminated bag with a one-way air valve to allow the bag to de-gas.
    • Allow to cool slightly before storing in an airtight container or zip lock bag.
    • The specimens were then wrapped in gauze soaked in normal saline solution, sealed in an airtight bag, and frozen until the time of testing.
    • In the meantime, practice good sanitation, keeping counters and floors clean and sealing food in airtight containers.
    • The lightweight housing is made of magnesium alloy and is airtight, dustproof, waterproof and fully nitrogen purged.
    • Because tubeless tires need to form an airtight seal, manufacturers must coat the inner walls of the tire with additional rubber.
    • The basic idea is to make an effectively airtight wall by sealing the exterior sheathing and the interior wall finish to the framing.
    • This completely enclosed the peltier in an airtight seal.
    • He had pulled off a big score recently, and with an airtight alibi he'd actually paid a couple of women to accompany him to Ibiza for a wild week while the heat died down.
    • Illingworth siblings do not exude that air; certainly Duke has motives for crime, though his alibi seems airtight.
    • You cannot have airtight, foolproof countermeasures that would prevent incidents of kidnapping like this.
    • The case against the ex-deacon was airtight
    • The defense no longer was airtight.
    • The secrecy was airtight.
    • The legislators in Hawaii had thought of that before I did and the law was airtight.
    • Well, my part in the whole mess was to stay up all night and research so our case was airtight when we went before the district court.
    • And the case we had against them was airtight.
    • The Rockefeller interests were not in crisis, however: his monopoly was airtight.
    • They needed to provide key corporate information to remote users, but in a way that was airtight in its security.
    • Military officials insist their case for attacking the operation was airtight
    • The circle closed, and the irony was airtight.
    • Their [Chevron's] IP portfolio of roughly 5,000 active records was airtight
    • The band, as could be expected for one that toured so much, was airtight in their performance, almost to the point of seeming robotic.
    • The case against flying is not so airtight.
    • Build an airtight business case for new IT investments.
    • Gays and lesbians will most likely be able to wed legally soon in Massachusetts following a landmark same-sex marriage ruling by the state's top court that experts said is airtight -- at least for now.
    • The government has an airtight case and was definitely not behind the explosion.
    • The reason they did not try them is Hunter wanted an airtight case.