Translation of airy-fairy in Spanish:


vago, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛriˈfɛri/ /ˌɛːrɪˈfɛːri/


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    poco realista
    • It's an airy-fairy philosophical concept that even the experts can't satisfactorily define.
    • Kate tells me that there ‘is no yoga without breath ‘, and that I should think of what I am doing as ‘meditation in motion ‘, which all sounds a bit airy-fairy.
    • ‘It is not going to be an airy-fairy place for a lot of violins, it's right across the board from rock music to folk,’ explained John Metcalfe.
    • Anyone who thinks they can see anything from a glass-bottomed boat is living in airy-fairy land - the North Sea being notoriously bad for underwater visibility.
    • I know that is all airy-fairy wet-liberal stuff but I am within ten pages of the end of the Larkin book and it is not nice.
    • Her role is to fashion a fitting tribute to the departed and help others to grieve ‘without relying on some external god, some airy-fairy idea of clouds and heaven’.
    • It is all typical of the dismissive attitude adopted by those at the Executive who seem to think that an airy-fairy, and probably timorous, arts lobby will go away if told that everything will be all right.
    • In every bar and restaurant, every nook and cranny, were people talking about deals, done deals, would-be deals, projects, scripts, airy-fairy stories and sheer invention.
    • Pack's crime, apparently, is that he is not impressed by airy-fairy literary prizes.
    • My mother made a conscious effort to not let us have what she considered airy-fairy stuff like fairy-tale books.
    • But, once again, the last thing the town needs is airy-fairy suggestions about creating a new image creating false expectations for the future.
    • More airy-fairy in those days perhaps, he was one of a number of MPs who highlighted their plight.
    • Without getting too airy-fairy about it, my family are really important to me, so my career is slightly tempered by that.
    • None of them are what might be called happy-slappy, airy-fairy wedges of news.
    • Fine and well, but there is an airy-fairy element to his plan for improving the Scottish game.
    • The best way to describe their proposal is airy-fairy.
    • There's got to be some people who are interested in matters of spirituality, and not in an airy-fairy new-agey way.
    • Projections of fabulous budget surpluses that provide the premise for this year's political action are no less airy-fairy.
    • Conversely, from the point of view of a tied-down molecular biologist, this is all airy-fairy, flaky stuff.