Translation of ajar in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈdʒɑr/ /əˈdʒɑː/


  • 1

    to be ajar estar entreabierto / entornado
    • leave the door ajar deja la puerta entreabierta / entornada
    • I was in a hospital and I saw that my door was open slightly ajar.
    • The one window was open and the door stood slightly ajar, yet she did not get the impression that the house was abandoned.
    • There was a window that was slightly ajar, to a room with an open door, where the two ARC men were holding a conversation.
    • Pressing a hand over his mouth, he stifled the wretch he could not keep down, pushing out a hand in front of him to wave the door which was already slightly ajar open.
    • He found the door slightly ajar, and pushed it on open, clearing his throat to warn the occupant of his entering, but Greg found the room empty.
    • Peering round the doorframe into the dull landing, he saw Hannah's door open, and the bathroom door slightly ajar.
    • Noticing Vincent's bedroom door was slightly ajar, Cael pushed it open further and looked in and grinned.
    • At the eleventh hour the door was left slightly ajar once more.
    • He's got the door slightly ajar, just cracked enough to peek through.
    • Martin peers through an ajar door which opens into the lobby.
    • This other world is dreamlike, dark and sensual; time stands eerily still, doors are slightly ajar with nothing but blackness behind them.
    • They exited the room through the slightly ajar door, where they saw Xavier and Saulo using the phone, Xavier with tears in his eyes.
    • Hurrying over to 818, she was not very surprised to find the door slightly ajar.
    • He could see a slit of light coming from the slightly ajar door.
    • My hand grasped the knob and I turned it gently, pushing the door slightly ajar.
    • The door was ajar and swung open without resistance, and with Tabitha at home that did not happen.
    • She opened the ajar door, saw an old television on a wheeled cart broadcasting a fire downtown.
    • She eased up to a door that was slightly ajar and peeked inside the room to view about six or seven men sitting at a round wooden table, discussing something.
    • Both girls started and turned towards the direction of the new voice - behind them and to the right, through a slightly ajar door.
    • The door was slightly ajar, allowing her to slip in quietly.