Translation of alabaster in Spanish:


alabastro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæləˌbæstər/ /ˈaləbɑːstə/ /ˈaləbastə/ /ˌaləˈbɑːstə/ /ˌaləˈbastə/

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    alabastro masculine
    (vase) (before noun) de alabastro
    (skin) de porcelana literary
    • The stones used include red jasper, white oriental alabaster, yellow chalcedony, and green gabbro.
    • An example is in site 31, an alabaster locality: no mention is made that alabaster is a fine-grained, compact variety of the mineral gypsum except in the glossary in the back of the book.
    • The screen was innovatory in its use of classical architectural forms, their realization in black marble and white alabaster, and in the profusion of Italianate figure sculpture and reliefs.
    • We passed into my bed chamber, which contained a large, ‘four poster’ bed, as it may have been called Above, save for the fact that it was carved out of black alabaster instead of wood.
    • From the tall grand winding stairway that was made from white alabaster, to the grand columns of tinted plexi-glass containing a mysterious fluid, to the wide expanse of glass paneled floor.
    • The mansion was gorgeous, southern style; the front porch was made of white alabaster with four columns supporting the triangle-framed roof.
    • The pillars roared upward like towering giants made of white alabaster.
    • A stupendous column of white alabaster, it shone as brilliantly as the hot Egyptian sun.
    • I looked down at the chip and realised the glossy alabaster white embossment was the silhouette of a horse with the letter Q on its flanks.
    • The 52 cm high sculpture is carved in translucent Egyptian alabaster and represents a royal female of the Amarna Period, between 1350-1334 B.C.
    • Wombi Rock, an amazing three-story crystal mountain built inside the casino, is crafted from more than 12,000 individual plates of onyx and alabaster fused to glass.
    • One of his suitcases contained three cylindrical stone seals, made of marble and alabaster.
    • They are supplied with marble slabs of African alabaster that were probably excavated from one of the many ancient sites in and around Rome.
    • The banking floor was made of Italian marble and alabaster.
    • Other fusible materials were added: the mineral sericite (a type of mica called petuntse) by the Chinese, alabaster by the Böttger workshop.
    • The distressed surfaces, with their flinty earth tones, cobalt blues and nacreous whites, hold light like rough alabaster.
    • She clasped a white hand to the black alabaster, sinking down to the floor.
    • Known for his geometric sculptures from the '50s in iron and alabaster, which have inspired numerous artists, particularly Richard Serra, he also made collages and wrote extensively.
    • Some were crumbling, others were erect in immaculate alabaster.
    • Pale vines wound over what looked to be emerald-green alabaster.