Translation of alarming in Spanish:


alarmante, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈlɑrmɪŋ/ /əˈlɑːmɪŋ/

Definition of alarmante in Spanish


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    hospitals are closing at an alarming rate se están cerrando hospitales a un ritmo alarmante
    • On the surface, the report could appear alarming.
    • I found the whole programme extremely interesting in some ways, yet alarming in others.
    • To pay such a heavy price for non-performance must have sent alarming signals to cricketers in Pakistan.
    • Such a policy will only worsen the already alarming housing situation.
    • The plight of children under 5 years of age was particularly alarming.
    • Insurance companies are warning drivers not to be heroes following the outbreak of an alarming new trend in car crime.
    • A number of investors have expressed concern at an alarming headline last week.
    • The trade in souvenirs made of sea turtle shells has reached an alarming level.
    • Even pedestrians, she says, find Auckland's congestion alarming.
    • Ornithologists say they are increasingly concerned about the "alarming" decline of some of Britain's woodland birds species.
    • The research is alarming for anyone concerned about online freedom of speech.
    • There was an alarming level of ignorance of the issues involved.
    • What is most alarming is that food price rises are affecting new communities who had previously been protected from the scourge of hunger.
    • But he warned that the increasing number of flights would result in an alarming rise in the accident rate in the next 10 to 15 years.
    • We ignored the distractions and chiseled away at the rocks before us at alarming speed, all fearful that the chaos would catch up with us.
    • We have seen director after director - a virtual game of musical chairs in terms of directorships - move on and off the board, with alarming regularity.
    • The building boom is in full flight at present and the amount of new houses going up or are still planned is alarming to say the least.
    • After World War II universities found themselves in an alarming state, with swelling numbers of students and decreasing levels of funding from the cash-strapped state governments.
    • There was one alarming moment where the audience was not only smaller than the panel, it consisted entirely of people married to people on the panel.
    • Many people found their inboxes clogged with alarming messages that their computers were infected, even though they were not.