Translation of alarmingly in Spanish:


de forma alarmante, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈlɑrmɪŋli/ /əˈlɑːmɪŋli/


  • 1

    (decline/increase) de forma alarmante
    (decline/increase) de forma preocupante
    (decline/increase) alarmantemente
    the time passed alarmingly quickly era alarmante / inquietante lo rápido que pasaba el tiempo
    • rather alarmingly, we found we were losing height nos dimos cuenta, alarmados, de que perdíamos altura
    • The phenomenon of "selling out" has become alarmingly common among today's musicians.
    • He was a remarkable American poet and writer whose alarmingly chaotic personal life impacted decisively on his work.
    • The friend is meant to provide a contrast with the ways of a city slicker, though some of his scenes come alarmingly close to condescension.
    • The river was alarmingly full.
    • Some of our top models appear so alarmingly undernourished, I always feel like rushing some food and vitamin pills to them.
    • The number of girls in co-educational schools in the district is alarmingly low.
    • Despite the assumed excellence of its educational system, the country has an alarmingly high rate of functional illiteracy.
    • He won't stick around if the results are not going well and his ranking drops so alarmingly that he is no longer seeded at the Grand Slams.
    • It's a race against time to stabilize their government before public support, which is alarmingly eroding, starts to hemorrhage away altogether.
    • The only way to get there is by an old bus, along the alarmingly narrow roads that cling to the sides of the mountains.