Translation of alas in Spanish:


¡ay!, interj.

Pronunciation /əˈlæs/ /əˈlas/ /əˈlɑːs/

See Spanish definition of ¡ay!


formal, literary
  • 1

    ¡ay! literary
    we had hopes, but, alas, they came to nothing teníamos esperanzas pero, ¡ay!, se vieron defraudadas literary
    • we thought he might pass, but, alas, he didn't pensábamos que quizás aprobara pero lamentablemente / muy a pesar nuestro no fue así
    • I caught my arms around a low wall that separated the two sections of the path, but alas!
    • We looked in vain expecting the area to miraculously improve but alas, no such luck.
    • Shopping, alas, is likely always to lag behind the entertainment industry.
    • She became the most passionate wife that a man could hope that she might be, but alas.
    • Oh my god, I nearly pushed her out of the way to get at him, but alas, he only had eyes for her.