Translation of Albanian in Spanish:


albanés, adj.

Pronunciation /ælˈbeɪniən/ /ɔlˈbeɪniən/ /alˈbeɪnɪən/

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    albanés masculine
    albanesa feminine
    • The Italians and the Albanians had very firm ideas on what was right.
    • It is the home of various people including Albanians, Vlachs, Greeks, Serbs, Bulgars, and Turks.
    • A crowd of Albanians gathered in Mitrovica.
    • She explained that some Albanians visited Craven to get ideas to develop hiking and walking facilities in their own country.
    • The Albanians know you can get a job on the Fiat line in Turin.
    • The interior minister Ljube Boskovski said that the group included ethnic Albanians and foreign nationals.
    • He had refused to join paramilitaries who were attacking ethnic Albanians in their small Montenegrin village.
    • While the Albanians were pouring back into the country, he had to flee towards Belgrade.
    • The Albanians staged a war of passive resistance, forming their own schools and health clinics.
    • The Albanians have wrought great improvements in their capital with a minimum of expenditure.
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    albanés masculine
    • Before arriving in England she could already speak English, Albanian and Serbian.
    • I knew a few words of Albanian - enough to say hello and goodbye and thankyou.
    • Five percent of the people speak Albanian, most of these concentrated in the southern province of Kosovo.
    • The sisters speak English together, Albanian with their mum, and a mix of Albanian and English with their dad.
    • We repeat a few prayers in Albanian, but the liturgy is otherwise in English.