Translation of albino in Spanish:


albino, n.

Pronunciation /ælˈbaɪˌnoʊ/ /alˈbiːnəʊ/

nounplural albinos

  • 1

    (mouse/human) (before noun) albino
    albino masculine
    albina feminine
    • He walks up next to him holding hands with her, a girl of her height who is a total albino, with white skin and hair, and pink eyes.
    • For those who want to go on and argue this I will refer you to lack of skin pigmentation in albinos.
    • It was a mutation; White was almost completely an albino, the skin on his body almost devoid of pigment.
    • Like albinos and partial albinos, the occurrence of pale birds is the result of genetic abnormalities in both male and female.
    • The man that she knew as James stood with a golden-haired man who had to be General Ben Karàlüpiàth, a man that she recognised as Dorian Damano and a fourth man with pale hair and skin, almost as white as an albino.
    • It was the albino's hair that lead Harry Ricketts to [transtasman] rivalry, real estate and beer-drinking.
    • Since a lack of pigment leaves albinos defenseless against both ultraviolet rays and light; [,] they are subject to severe photophobia and heliophobia (fear of light and the sun) from birth on.
    • Like most Shyonites, she had very pale, almost albino skin and medium-length white hair that fell down to her chin in a straight line; a braid made sure it stayed that way.
    • According to Foley, the animal is not a true albino but is merely a lighter color than the average giraffe.
    • The man's eyes where red and his hair was long and white like an albino.
    • I saw a child who was albino, the hair like floss, the eyes with points of pink in them that reached up and grabbed my soul.
    • A muzzle poked out, but I was disappointed to see that it was the pink nose of an albino colt.
    • Without melanin in albinos ' eyes, the blood vessels are visible, so the eyes are pink.
    • Researchers at Jefferson Medical College have used a gene repair technique to genetically change white albino mice hairs to black by correcting a point mutation in the tyrosinase gene.
    • It is indeed an albino, pure white feathers, beak of brownish yellow - and in every other regard a crow.
    • The Farrelly Brothers are masters of the gross out comedy, but this effort is simply obnoxious and unfunny as it takes cheap shots at race, midgets, albinos and mental illness, along with the usual lavatory humour.
    • Huang is an albino who suffers from debilitated eyesight.
    • For a fleeting second she saw Natai again, standing out with his striking dark hair against the multitude of albinos but then he was gone.
    • Sandy had never seen Nika's eyes, and wondered sometimes if they were pink, and her friend an albino.
    • He was pretty buff; his skin was slightly pale but not that of a usual albino.