Translation of alchemy in Spanish:


alquimia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈælkəmi/ /ˈalkɪmi/

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    alquimia feminine
    • Like astrology, knowledge of alchemy filtered into medieval Europe through Moorish centres of learning in Spain.
    • But it no more belongs in a biology class than alchemy belongs in a chemistry class, phlogiston in a physics class or the stork theory in a sex education class.
    • A further compilation of ancient texts concerning astrology, magic and alchemy was the Hermetica, written in Alexandria around 100 AD.
    • Witness their enthusiasm for UFOs as opposed to scientific cosmology, for alchemy instead of chemistry, for urban legends instead of hard news.
    • Green Magick uses more trees and plants, while Red Magick uses alchemy and astrology for its references.
    • Voodoo, science, witchcraft, animal spirits, chemistry, alchemy, fairies, physics - it's all the same.
    • His interests extended to an enthusiastic study of mathematics, the natural sciences, and studies of alchemy and natural magic.
    • Now, Gilles was a practitioner of alchemy and attempted to find the infamous philosopher's [philosophers] stone.
    • Although it had led to the discovery of alcohol and the mineral acids, historians of chemistry view alchemy in general as fraudulent.
    • Treatises on mathematics, music, astronomy, alchemy, medicine, jurisprudence, as well as studies on Athenian judicial terminology and on the topography of Athens. [5.]
    • The Goddess also figures prominently in alchemy in its concern with primal matter, the primal matrix from which all else may be transmuted.
    • In addition, the authors offer the psychology of miracles, alchemy, ESP, Nazi occultism, Gnosticism and UFOs as instruments of alternative belief in modern times.
    • Ashmole was fascinated by magic, alchemy and astrology, and befriended many astrologers regardless of political allegiance.
    • A true military intellectual, he gave expression to the ideas of the late humanists and was an enthusiastic student of the occult, alchemy, and natural magic.
    • The idea of transmutation through alchemy was one that was taken quite seriously and Dee was granted special rights far beyond someone of his standing.
    • Newton devoted long years of research to the ancient mysteries of alchemy and how base metals could be turned into gold.
    • Even doctors got their start in witchcraft - using alchemy, spiritual healing, and healing by deities.
    • This Kristo's horoscope site had some interesting stuff on it that I want to come back and check out, about dreams, astrology, alchemy, intuition and some other junk.
    • In fact, we now know that Newton was in many ways a Renaissance man, working in theology, prophecy, and alchemy, as well as mathematics, optics, and physics.
    • The symbolism is not accidental: the importance of the sun in astrology clearly parallels the exalted position of gold in alchemy.