Translation of alcohol-free in Spanish:


sin alcohol, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈælkəˌhɔlˌfri/


  • 1

    (drink/cosmetics) sin alcohol
    the coffee bar is an alcohol-free area en la cafetería no se sirven bebidas alcohólicas
    • Try alcohol-free beers, wines, and mixed drinks as a substitute.
    • Alas, this tasting shows that many brewers have not improved the drinkability of their alcohol-free beers and lagers since their introduction.
    • Consider also that alcohol-free beverages and drinks are loaded with profit.
    • I have been known to drink alcohol-free beer, though, and I could almost see the point of alcohol-free wine if only the alcohol didn't make such a difference to the body and taste.
    • Two new gourmet burgers were introduced, three new alcohol-free beverages and two beverage alcohol cocktails.
    • Sip from frothy coffee ice cream smoothies or alcohol-free cocktails and indulge in the salon atmosphere.
    • Off I went, in search of the needle that is an alcohol-free beverage in Glasgow's haystack.
    • Drink at least 1.5 litres (6 cups or glasses) of liquid per day, preferably unsweetened and alcohol-free beverages.
    • One unfortunate fan swore he was drunk after drinking five pints within the stadium - only later discovering it was alcohol-free beer on sale.
    • I agree with this - competition-free sport is as useful as alcohol-free beer.
    • It is critically important to market to this growing segment of the population with a diverse and dynamic selection of alcohol-free beverages.
    • And who could ever have though that someone would actually take the step of brewing alcohol-free beer?
    • I seek leave to table one example I found in Amsterdam, which is alcohol-free beer.
    • A grown-up juice to serve at elegant lunches and brunches, or as an alcohol-free beverage on spirited occasions.
    • It's like alcohol-free lager or decaffeinated coffee.
    • Effects are more or less the same whether light, regular or alcohol-free beer is consumed.
    • Let me make it plain from my position of considerable authority and experience of the subject of being drunk, there is no point to drinking alcohol-free anything.
    • Then he downs a whole pint of beer - alcohol-free, one must add, otherwise the very valid question would arise how precisely he manages to negotiate his arias with so much beer inside.
    • Sexual abstinence is as likely to take off as the chocolate radiator or the alcohol-free martini - be it in Africa, America or Britain.
    • Recently she flew to Sweden to promote alcohol-free Sekt - Germany's version of champagne. ‘I had to sit in a whirlpool wearing a little bikini,’ she says, with a shy smile.