Translation of alcohol abuse in Spanish:

alcohol abuse

alcoholismo, n.


  • 1

    alcoholismo masculine
    • He took advantage of the presence of top government officials at the dinner to warn against alcohol abuse.
    • Apparently, the current tide of outrageous alcohol abuse among our youngest has nothing to do with the consumer climate in which we live.
    • He says alcohol abuse poses a more serious danger to teenagers than drugs.
    • Alcohol abuse costs U.S. businesses $148 billion a year.
    • No age limit exists on the purchase or consumption of alcohol, but social mores discourage alcohol abuse.
    • Crime is infrequent although the capital area has seen a modest increase in burglaries and there is some drug and alcohol abuse.
    • He points to Nordic and eastern European countries where alcohol advertising is banned but where there are still high levels of alcohol abuse.
    • When he died three years later after a period of alcohol abuse he was a broken man.
    • Del and David had serious problems with depression and alcohol abuse; Gene had problems with alcohol as well.
    • Drug and alcohol abuse seems to be a common ingredient in a large proportion of public and domestic violence and crime.
    • The area in which the family live is a violent one with drugs and alcohol abuse prevalent.
    • Panicked, he tries to hide the evidence of his alcohol abuse, but soon finds himself on the run from the police.
    • Chaplains also provided "counseling" on alcohol abuse, gambling, and personal matters, and were responsible for organizing a prison band.
    • Smoking, alcohol abuse, poor dietary patterns, and lack of physical exercise are considered the main causes of disease.
    • By choosing to share personal aspects of her life, including a failed marriage and several years of hidden drug and alcohol abuse, she motivates the reader to be unflinchingly honest with his or her self.
    • In the nineteenth century, theatres, music halls and cinemas were regulated as local authorities responded to fears about alcohol abuse and immorality.
    • Smokers in alcohol recovery may be more addicted to nicotine than smokers who don't have a history of alcohol abuse.
    • Alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, is the most severe form of alcohol abuse.
    • The campaign will also bring attention to the damage caused to family life by alcohol abuse.