Translation of alehouse in Spanish:


taberna, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪlˌhaʊs/ /ˈeɪlhaʊs/


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    taberna feminine
    • Like today, London had many inns and alehouses throughout it and drinking was as popular then as it is today!
    • The licensing of alehouses and inns was the responsibility of justices of the peace.
    • In England pubs were either inns, providing accommodation and food to wealthy travellers; or taverns, providing only wine and spirits to the local neighbourhood; or alehouses, selling only beer to a poorer clientele.
    • One of his examples was the case of a brewer who sold kegs of beer to alehouses on credit but charged a price high enough to cover an interest charge and the risk of default.
    • Mr Thomson said: ‘It will be a traditional alehouse, selling our full range of beers plus lagers, Guinness and so on.’