Translation of alienist in Spanish:


alienista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪliənɪst/ /ˈeɪlɪənɪst/


  • 1

    alienista masculine, feminine
    • On to this Stoker pasted some new-fangled psychiatric theory, derived from the French alienist Charcot, one of Freud's main precursors.
    • Theorists in the first period included travelers, military physicians, and alienists who examined Algerian lunatics and collectively found them less prone to madness than civilized Europeans.
    • On this side were the ex-physician to the viceroy of Egypt, Franz Pruner-Bey, the former Martinique physician Etienne Rufz de Lavison, and the alienist Louis-Jean Delasiauve.
    • The alienist says that Mr. Dundas is a severe melancholic.
    • The medical profession complained incessantly about the rules, and in lectures, articles and books alienists argued that they alone possessed the necessary qualifications to judge criminal responsibility.