There are 2 main translations of alight in Spanish

: alight1alight2


apearse, v.

See Spanish definition of estar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    apearse formal
    descender formal
    • Passengers alighting from trains at the city railway station have no easy access to the two bus stations; the subway is of little help and has been vandalised.
    • Police - using a drug-detecting sniffer dog - swooped on suspect passengers boarding and alighting from trains.
    • From the overbridge the pair warned passengers alighting from the train to avoid the Leeds fans by going a different way.
    • Passengers waiting on platforms do not wait for people to alight before they board trains and so when the changeover occurs, pushing and shoving becomes the order of the day.
    • The film will show Marsha leaving the cinema, getting on the bus, alighting at Percy Road,, walking towards her home, then being discovered by neighbours.
    • Arriving into Dusseldorf's hauptbahnhof, a massed brigade of purple-shirted Frankfurters were alighting from an adjoining train, here despite their own team's absence.
    • Watts, 23, of Lowan Drive, Everton, was seen alighting from a train from Liverpool before meeting Arnold in his distinctive yellow car.
    • A man travelling on a northbound Northern Line train stabbed a woman as he alighted from the train at Euston.
    • After a pleasant trip, Richard and I alighted from the train at Kal.
    • As soon as I alighted from the train at the station I knew the ‘breeze’ would become a storm.
    • It was dark at night in Bandra as I alighted from the local train.
    • Indeed I spoke with one person who had just alighted from a train the day after the closing celebrations of the games.
    • Thankfully, it was Jurong East already, and I alighted from the train feeling very glad.
    • We alighted from the train and I stood nervously as my mother and her one-time true love embraced awkwardly.
    • I alighted from the train at Huddersfield and caught a bus to New Mill.
    • Imagine the safety challenge we'd have boarding or alighting from a train in the brief instant it pulls up at a depot, if the space separating the train from the platform were an ever-widening divide.
    • I will definitely be more cautious in the future when boarding or alighting from a train.
    • For the twentieth time since I alighted from the train, I berated myself for not bringing an umbrella with me, flinching as a speck of water flew into my eye.
    • She alighted the train and walked the short distance to her flat.
    • Passengers alighting taxis at the transport hub exited through the bus depot entrance near the lighthouse.
  • 2

    (bird/insect/balloon) posarse
    • Like birds alighting for a while on a newly seeded lawn, they will peck away at all the possibilities until they have exhausted this area and then move on to another form.
    • On another occasion, an origami bird alights by letters in a banner hanging on a wall.
    • A big, majestic study for this sculpture, in pastel, charcoal and acrylic on brown paper, finds two shadowy birds alighting, and a ghostly doubled head, its mouth stretched painfully wide.
    • The white bird alighted behind the other, his huge wings spread in protection and possession.
    • Clearly there is some reason why these birds of passage have alighted here, and I hope they're having fun.

There are 2 main translations of alight in Spanish

: alight1alight2


Pronunciation /əˈlaɪt/ /əˈlʌɪt/


  • 1

    to be alight estar
    • her face came alight at the mention of food se le iluminó la cara cuando oyó hablar de comida
    • to set sth alight prender(le) fuego a algo
    • he set the children's imaginations alight with his stories sus cuentos encendían la imaginación de los niños
    • Her eyes widened with fright and awe; they were alight with a bright white flame, as was every other place on her body she could see.
    • Kathryn nodded; her bright blue eyes alight with excitement.
    • As I slept, the moon outside shone brightly, and the black sky was alight with stars blinking down over my little neighborhood in suburban New York.
    • If the sitting room we were in was alight with all the lamps I'm sure my face would have looked a color similar to that of a beetroot.
    • The market stalls were alight with radiant colour; silk ribbons, fur scarves in all the shades of the rainbow.
    • His blonde hair was bright and neatly combed, his soft brown eyes alight with the essence of life itself.
    • The cemetery is alight with candles that night.
    • No sky alight with revelation crowns this picture, only a small triangle congested greeny-yellow by the monsoon, crammed against the top of the frame by the massif.
    • When he joined the company as finance director six years ago, the City was alight with speculation that it was about to be taken over.
    • Okocha has set English football alight with his increasingly stunning form and dazzling skills, sparking rumours that he is destined for a bigger stage.
    • But celebrations were happier in Australia, where Sydney's famous harbour was alight with colourful fireworks.
    • I remember this painting setting me alight with inspiration 30 years ago.
    • It certainly seems to have failed to set Dublin alight with our more customary northern passion.
    • It was he who set the new era alight with three tries against the French in Paris in 2000.
    • His face was alight with an exultant expression.
    • The wolf turned around, his eyes alight with fury.
    • For a moment, Anna's face would be alight with sunshine, and then the next a shadow of leaves would be cast over it, before it opened into sunlight again.
    • The chapel was as pretty as the entrance hall, if not more so; every window was adorned with stained glass, and so the whole room was alight with color.
    • Midori chirped, her face alight with excitement.
    • The Captain shrieked, his face alight with fury.