Translation of alive in Spanish:


vivo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈlaɪv/ /əˈlʌɪv/


  • 1

    is he still alive? ¿todavía vive / está vivo?
    • there are people still alive in the rubble todavía hay gente con vida entre los escombros
    • to stay alive sobrevivir
    • it's good/great to be alive! ¡qué bueno/maravilloso es vivir!
    • the richest man alive today el hombre más rico del mundo hoy en día
    • no man/woman alive would deny that ningún ser viviente lo negaría
    • to bury/burn sb alive enterrar/quemar vivo a algn
    • It would make no difference to Frank whether the creature was alive or dead.
    • Most of us would accept that the cat is either alive or dead at a given time.
    • I like to be reminded of the spring miracle, especially in the depth of winter, when the vibrantly alive trees look so dead.
    • We know that the embryo is alive, not dead or inanimate.
    • Leonard Tinkler showed them sheds containing three dead animals, including a decomposing cow whose calf was still alive in the same pen.
    • Even when pigs are alive they aren't revered as the smartest animals.
    • When the creature was alive, 94 million years ago, the area of the Sahara where its remains were found was very different from the way it appears now.
    • A police spokesman said: ‘The news that his dog was alive and had come home seems to have made all the difference.’
    • I'd be happier if my house were still intact, my pictures of my kids and the rest of my belongings were safe, and my cat were still alive.
    • Now, Mr. Gibbons' position is that all of those fossil species were alive at the same time on this planet.
    • Ensuring that the animals are worth more alive than dead may be their only shot at survival.
    • There are thousands of animals and plants alive today that are no different from the way they appear in the fossil record!
    • It cannot be determined, however, whether those animals were alive or dead at the time of the bite.
    • A look at the distribution of the major groups of plants and animals alive today is instructive.
    • ‘His horses are alive and beautiful because they were in his soul,’ he once wrote.
    • The dogs were still alive, and looked to be in their prime.
    • He took a small comfort in knowing that the horse was alive.
    • How could I be so callous when the poor creature was still alive?
    • Now that the mouse is not alive, does its brain still work?
    • Those lambs were still alive, but the ewes were dead.
  • 2

    the party came alive when they arrived la fiesta se animó cuando llegaron ellos
    • the play comes alive in her hands la obra cobra vida en sus manos
  • 3

    (active, in existence)
    that myth is still alive ese mito tiene aún vigencia
    • to keep sth alive mantener vivo algo
  • 4

    to be alive to sth ser sensible a algo
    ser consciente de algo
    estar consciente de algo
    • In foreign affairs we have pursued our national interest robustly while remaining alive to the needs and interests of others.
    • The respondent must have been alive to the possibility that a cyclist could come along.
    • He was socially conscious in every sense, alive to the possibilities of celebrating what he found.
    • Because of their slight outsiderishness they are alive to the social nuances in the American atmosphere.
    • This is an important work: very well researched, reflective, sharp in judgment yet alive to complexity.
    • It is because of this style that the young boy Maqbool easily comes alive to us.
    • Fortunately, for Dundee, Steven Tweed was alive to the danger and made a timely intervention to deny Parker a clear run on goal.
    • As a journalist living in the most expensive city in the country, I am keenly alive to to the issue.
    • As I say, Angell resists sentimentality, but he is alive to sentiment.
    • Clonaslee came alive to the sound of music on Sunday June 2 as the annual festival got under way.
    • At times he sounds like the great EB White, a gentle man consumed with the plight of the world but alive to the simple pleasures.
    • He has brought the saga alive to visitors and locals alike.
    • The Prime Minister is clearly alive to the danger of being seen as neglectful of his home front because he is too preoccupied with foreign affairs.
    • In your language, in your thought, be alive to the form of things.
    • As the players run onto the field, the stands come alive to the sound of cheers and support that echo across the river.
    • The nation is fully alive to the pressures that the world powers are exerting on his government
    • Her addiction, she says, is studying people, alive to the way they look and move, wondering how she would paint them.
    • It is alive to the need for strong internal morale and discipline.
    • She is also alive to the reality that a career in acting would be short-lived.
    • For the second year in a row the North East Kilkenny landscape came alive to the sound of all things vintage.