Translation of all in Spanish:


todo, adj.

Pronunciation /ɔl/ /ɔːl/

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  • 1

    (plural) todos
    (plural) todas
    we ate all the bread/salad nos comimos todo el pan/toda la ensalada
    • she invited all the girls/boys invitó a todas las niñas/a todos los niños
    • all those present todos los presentes
    • drinks of all kinds bebidas de todo tipo
    • all men are equal todos los hombres son iguales
    • all good teachers know it todo buen profesor lo sabe
    • all those who agree raise their hands todos los que estén de acuerdo, que levanten la mano
    • all four of us/them went fuimos/fueron los cuatro
    • I bought all three of them me compré los tres
    • all five were lost se perdieron los cinco
    • rich or famous or intellectual or all three rico o famoso o intelectual o las tres cosas a la vez
    • she's been playing all morning se ha pasado toda la mañana / la mañana entera jugando
    • I haven't seen her all day no la he visto en todo el día
    • what's all this noise? ¿a qué viene todo este ruido?
    • what's all this we hear about you leaving? ¿qué es eso de que te vas?
    • for all time para siempre
    • I might as well not bother for all the notice he takes para el caso que me hace, más vale que ni me moleste
    • sorry and all that, but I really can't mira, lo siento, perdón y demás, pero de verdad no puedo
  • 2

    • 2.1(the greatest possible)

      in all humility/innocence con toda humildad/inocencia
      • in all honesty, one has to admit that … para ser sincero, hay que reconocer que …
      • with all possible care con todo el cuidado posible

    • 2.2(any)

      his guilt is beyond all doubt su culpabilidad está fuera de toda duda
      • they denied all knowledge of it negaron tener conocimiento alguno de ello


  • 1

    • 1.1(everything)

      all I can say is … todo lo que puedo decir es …
      • that's all for today eso es todo por hoy
      • will that be all, madam? ¿algo más señora?
      • ten o'clock? is that all (it is)? ¿no son más que las diez?
      • they did all they could hicieron todo lo que pudieron
      • it was all I could do to stop him from hitting her apenas pude impedir que le pegara
      • all she wanted was a little peace todo lo que quería era un poco de paz
      • all in good time todo a su debido tiempo
      • all was quiet in the town todo era paz en la ciudad
      • she was all to him lo era todo para él
      • I wipe it against the other finger tips and suddenly all of them are all white paint.
      • Also to all of you dedicated people who have supported June all year a big thank you.
      • All of these can all be found in the granite-gneiss basement of the central Black Forest.
      • All of us are sons and daughters of Adam and this means that we are all brothers and sisters.
      • All of them, all fifteen boys, were yelling and hollering as Coach Dodson seemed to be in shock.
      • All of these are claimed to be forgeries by some historians but some, or all, may well be genuine.
      • I felt that I had been a victim all of my life. I have had all sorts of bad things happen to me.
      • If you play all of them immediately, it is likely that you'll win all three of them as tricks.
      • She told the inquest she saw all four of the car's wheels leave the road as it went over the bridge.
      • They all use a small quantity of caramel to smooth out colour variations from cask to cask.
      • Amy and Phil still failed to settle their differences but all of that sort of became lost in the energy of it all.
      • However, to a certain extent all university students are indulging in escapism to a degree.
      • Moffatt and Dougan tackled courageously all afternoon and the whole team never gave up.
      • Though all art is a form of healing and therapy to some extent, all therapy is not art.
      • People bandy around the word tactics when in fact they are referring to all sorts of other aspects of the game.
      • Pupils on foot and those arriving by car are all using the same main gate.
      • But when your big car gets hit by an even bigger car, it all becomes rather academic.
      • The individual always acts as a whole, which includes all mental and physical processes.
      • The term is often used to refer to all Roman territories during both the republic and the empire.
      • Taken as a whole, all musics of a nation may provide sufficient room for each music.

    • 1.2

      most of all I liked the clowns lo que más me gustó (de todo) fueron los payasos
      • this essay seems the best of all este trabajo parece ser el mejor de todos
      • I like vanilla ice-cream best / most of all el helado que más me gusta es el de vainilla

  • 2

    • 2.1(everyone)

      all who disobey will be punished se castigará a todo aquel que desobedezca / a todos los que desobedezcan
      • all together now ahora todos juntos
      • morning, all! ¡buenas!

    • 2.2

      she is the cleverest of all es la más inteligente de todos/todas
      • I don't intend to tell anyone, least of all her! no pienso decírselo a nadie y a ella menos todavía

  • 3

    all of
  • 4

    (plural) todos
    (plural) todas
    where's the bread/salad? have you eaten it all? ¿dónde está el pan/la ensalada? ¿te lo has comido todo/te la has comido toda?
    • they are all very friendly son todos muy simpáticos/todas muy simpáticas
    • they would all have perished if … se habrían muerto todos / todos se habrían muerto si …
    • the money is all gone no queda nada del dinero
    • she helped us all nos ayudó a todos
    • the unfairness/absurdity of it all la injusticia/lo absurdo del caso / del asunto
    • now I've seen it all! ¡vivir para ver!
    • that says it all eso ya te lo dice todo


  • 1

    there were flags all around the square/along the road había banderas todo alrededor de la plaza/a lo largo del camino
    • he read all through the ceremony leyó durante toda la ceremonia
    • she/he was all in green estaba toda/todo de verde
    • you've gone all red te has puesto todo colorado/toda colorada
    • she was all alone estaba completamente sola
    • I got all wet/dirty me mojé/ensucié todo/toda
    • all too soon, the vacation was over las vacaciones pasaron rapidísimo
    • it's all the same to me a mí me da igual / lo mismo
    • But it was scary in court anyway, with everyone all dressed up just like the real thing.
    • He was all dressed up, wearing a suit and a kaffiyeh, he looked really respectable.
    • A woman was at home, all dressed in white, she had her little white pet mouse with her.
    • Miss Pain tried to look cheerful but they looked all dressed up with nowhere to go.
    • She heard some steps coming down the stairs and out of it came Jason, all dressed up and ready for work.
    • We are all dressed up and ready to go, prepared to jump in as soon as the current drops to a diveable speed.
    • Two birdies at the start of his final round were all well and good, but now it had become three.
    • He pulled out three black robes, all of the same size as the person wearing it.
    • He told me all about your lovely black curls and blue eyes, speaking of you as though you were an angel.
    • The prototype car is all different and I never even gave it a thought that this was the Nextel Cup garage.
    • You have to get into their last third of the pitch as often as you can and then it is all about the quality of the chance you create.
    • Tranquillity is one of the central qualities which define what the national park is all about.
    • Bizarre belts Last year it was all about studded leather belts around rock chic waists.
    • And there was me thinking that we have the perfectionism game sewn up all by ourselves.
    • From then on, the game was all about the forward confrontation and the boots of Lynagh and Andrew.
    • Those monks have had their own way for far too long and this is all about equal opportunities.
  • 2

    (each, apiece)
    the score was one all iban (empatados) uno a uno
    • 30 all 30 iguales
    • The junior was on top in the early part of the game only to relax and see her older opponent come back into the game to take the match to two all.
    • Byes will be recorded as 1-all draws and the team will receive 1 pt.
    • This was a game that went basket for basket with the game level at 14 all for some time.
    • In the 50th minute Conway dropped a great goal from 35 metres leaving the scores at 3 all.
    • Gough called set three but at 15 all, two errors handed the game to Palmer.