Translation of all-embracing in Spanish:


que todo lo abarca, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔləmˈbreɪsɪŋ/


  • 1

    (love/knowledge) que todo lo abarca
    • He was methodical, all-embracing, and total as a criminal.
    • Postan's strength was that he had an all-embracing explanation for everything that happened - namely, that the determining factor was population.
    • What is needed is a comprehensive approach and an all-embracing system combating this evil.
    • Mysteries have been replaced with conspiracies, complex, all-embracing structures that nicely dovetail with the internet's global reach.
    • It is an all-embracing obedience which requires total submission from the believers, having no exception whatsoever.
    • Propaganda becomes an all-embracing substitute for reality, requiring the party to eliminate any alternative sources of information.
    • It shows an inability to recognise that the real world consists of trade-offs of competing priorities rather than painless solutions derived from one all-embracing value.
    • Whatever ethnicity might be, the problem lies with its essentialized all-embracing interpretation, and this must be put aside.
    • He said the area needs to adopt an all-embracing approach, involving the entire community, to achieve long-term economic prosperity.
    • Suddenly history could be all-embracing: no subject was beneath notice and inspection, no part of Scottish life could not make some contribution to the story.
    • That all-embracing fear and its corollary, the urgency to succeed, creates the fragile ego and the insecurity that underlies all crimes of passion.
    • After the foundation of the State, there had been several unsuccessful attempts to establish an all-embracing national farmers' union.
    • The course is all-embracing and has different women from all sorts of backgrounds and skill sets, including a woman in a wheelchair who has had the facilities adapted for her needs.
    • If he had the choice, the Master of the Rolls would favour dressing barristers and judges in an all-embracing continental gown which fastens down the front with Velcro.
    • But there is not a single all-embracing protocol which defines existing practice around complaints and discipline.
    • No opinions were dismissed, but it was certainly clear that this would be an all-embracing group, with a very broad vision.
    • He is the God of Coke and Pepsi, the all-embracing deity of McDonalds and Wal-Mart.
    • Earlier this year, the Danish government announced the introduction of an all-embracing health voucher.
    • It seems that nothing is safe from the all-embracing incompetence of this Council.
    • There is to us an all-embracing moderation linked to the delights of our weather, which rarely succumbs to the outbursts of violence that maim people and flatten buildings.