Translation of all-important in Spanish:


de suma importancia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔləmˈpɔrtnt/ /ɔːlɪmˈpɔːt(ə)nt/


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    (question/meeting) de suma importancia
    (question/meeting) de fundamental importancia
    (question/meeting) importantísimo
    • So it could be an important part of a Tory manifesto, but not the all-important issue.
    • So long as the horse was all-important in war, the upper classes were all-important, because they could ride.
    • Of course, the all-important marketing skill was tellingly lacking in Murthy.
    • The all-important goal came ten minutes from the finish from Oliver Gordon.
    • Therefore this is your last opportunity to make that all-important gift or cash donation to the charity.
    • An extra two per cent could have catapulted me from an E in chemistry to that all-important D.
    • This was a man who had no intention of allowing any error to distract from his all-important evidence in defence of the Government.
    • Most of the tips are useful, such as how to maximise networking potential and where to find those all-important contacts.
    • That ideologues can pump up small things and make them seem all-important is very old news.
    • Seven years ago, the all-important decision to build the new centre was made - and there would be no looking back.
    • Of course, even when we've made that all-important investment decision, it's still not finished.
    • Back then people had more to fear from a simple introduction than just screwing up the all-important first impression.
    • Why, without these all-important ingredients there was no romance, she insisted.
    • Once or twice a couple of us even managed to sneak in and get that all-important present from the man with the white beard.
    • Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.
    • Do, however, stay on the phone for a few seconds after the all-important beep, and sigh audibly into the receiver.
    • In addition, the all-important transitions between scenes were often too slow as well.
    • In many ways, such figures were all-important in helping to shape the New Left.
    • He flew back to Mumbai on time to be with Suzanne on their all-important day.
    • But, when it comes to selling a house, the grubby topic of money is all-important.