Translation of all-in-one in Spanish:


todo en uno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔlənˈwən/ /ɔːlɪnˈwʌn/


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    todo en uno
    • The compact, all-in-one unit has a lead-free motherboard.
    • It's become something of a trend in the industry to wrap up a variety of security functions in all-in-one security appliances.
    • An all-in-one unit that stores everything from your computer to CDs, books and files is the perfect solution where your room has to serve two purposes.
    • It's a slick all-in-one unit and we're never going back to 6 remotes ever again.
    • Throw away your old gadgets: a single all-in-one cell phone can take the place of your laptop, personal organizer, digital camera and portable music player.
    • This all-in-one navigation unit has playback capabilities for CDs, DVDs, and MP3 files.
    • There were some problems, of course, but at a price of £300 for an all-in-one unit rather than the more typical £500, I suppose you have to expect this.
    • Otherwise known as all-in-one devices, multifunction printers combine the features of more than one device in one package.
    • The new machine features a minimalist, all-in-one design that resembles (not coincidentally) a large iPod.
    • I'm thinking about getting some sort of all-in-one broadband box.
    • Banks can economically provide all-in-one services because of their sheer size.
    • This new, all-in-one navigation device for the outdoor enthusiast is the first combination GPS, altimeter and electronic compass.
    • Although cheap all-in-one products are available, the trick to building a quality system is mixing and matching the best from each manufacturer.
    • This week, Delia Smith made the headlines, instead of a nice, all-in-one sponge cake.
    • ‘In the past year, we purchased a number of all-in-one desktop and notebook PCs, none of which have an internal slot for a tape drive,’ explained Benson.
    • Critics and skeptics joined to say it would erode quality and reduce the number of independent voices, all while freeing media companies to reduce costs by creating all-in-one reporters.
    • Extending beyond convenience-oriented features, manufacturers are now rolling out all-in-one meal kits to really make it simple for end users.
    • The trend toward all-in-one systems came about decades ago when equipment was very expensive, and we wanted to run everything on the same box.
    • Your baby is dressed in an all-in-one stretch-and-grow suit!
    • He was making a computer game which involved him donning an all-in-one black Lycra catsuit with white balls attached.


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    todo en uno