Translation of all-inclusive in Spanish:


total, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔlənˈklusɪv/ /ɔːlɪnˈkluːsɪv/

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    (price) total
    (price) con todo incluido
    • An all-inclusive search later determined that the washer and retainer had probably fallen out during flight, possibly through the same drain hole that he discovered the bolt in.
    • Read together, the magazine articles spell out an elaborate, all-inclusive chain of command in this scandal.
    • In the process, his own tentative and co-operative methodology was forgotten as his ideas were hardened into a system, increasingly seen as a complete and all-inclusive system, with answers to everything.
    • Built in 1993, the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel that caters to every taste.
    • I said, unable to stop myself, that her definition seemed a bit all-inclusive and a little shy of rigorous.
    • I fly this route regularly and every time there is a huge, egalitarian, all-inclusive line to enter the gate lounge.
    • Simpson readily admits that the book ‘covering as it does a large geographical area within a limited space, cannot aim at all-inclusive thoroughness’.
    • The term ‘awards’ is an all-inclusive term covering any decoration, medal, badge, ribbon, or appurtenance bestowed on an individual or unit.
    • Their break with ancient and classical forms moves them closer to clever statements, or disposable pronouncements, rather than all-inclusive world philosophies.
    • This alone may induce many of the youth to at least try to understand what Indian culture is really about: an all-inclusive pluralistic culture that respects and tries to understand other cultures.
    • This article is offered for information purposes only and is not intended to be all-inclusive or to address the hazards or risks faced by each member/subscriber specifically.
    • This all-inclusive hip hop event, presented by Café Graffiti and many helping hands, aims to unite the splintered realms of Montreal hip hop in a one-day, unifying culture blast.
    • This all-inclusive, no competition, no winning or losing, no getting angry policy of raising and schooling kids is going to cause great problems for these children in the future.
    • The Indonesian elites must abandon their myopic ethno-religious politics and instead promote all-inclusive politics capable of accommodating differences.
    • About a month ago when my parents suggested they treat me to an opulent, all-inclusive experience over the week of Thanksgiving, it was an offer I simply couldn't refuse.
    • Chow down on a $50 all-inclusive supper and enjoy a drag show until midnight, or just spend the evening wandering around the complex's many rooms.
    • It stretches from the Eight Hours processions by exclusive craft unions in the 1880s to the all-inclusive Ban the Bomb rallies of the 1950s.
    • I'm really excited about it; it's going to be a huge celebration week - all-inclusive, where everybody can take part.
    • We have yet to negotiate with them and reach an all-inclusive agreement.
    • Not merely a set of guidelines, this philosophy for living is so all-inclusive as to be practically a religion.