Translation of all-points bulletin in Spanish:

all-points bulletin

Pronunciation /ɔlˌpɔɪnts ˈbʊlətn/


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    boletín dirigido al público en general
    • Well, you know, they kept saying he's not a suspect, not a suspect, but I've never seen a simple witness being searched for with overhead helicopters, and all-points bulletins, the way they were looking for him yesterday.
    • Then, just to be sure nobody missed the point, the USGA sent out an all-points bulletin conveying the same message.
    • The FBI Director has vowed to make the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System - used for sending messages similar to an all-points bulletin - less slow and cumbersome.
    • For the past four years we have published our annual ‘America's Fattest Cities’ report in an attempt to send an all-points bulletin to the nation about our growing, appalling problem with obesity.
    • It was only then, on August 23, the agency sent out an all-points bulletin, launching law-enforcement agents on a frantic and futile search for the two men.
    • A few weeks ago we sent out an all-points bulletin at the behest of a curious reader, surprisingly without success.
    • Finally, news organizations intercepted an all-points bulletin from police scanners and broadcast the description to the public.
    • The Anti-Kidnapping Squad was notified and an all-points bulletin was issued for police to be on the lookout for the Chevy.
    • He said all police stations were alerted through an all-points bulletin after which the top brass of the Defence Force were notified.
    • Two weeks later, the American Institute in Taiwan placed an all-points bulletin for him through the National Police Administration.
    • An all-points bulletin has been posted for his arrest.
    • New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid had the best response: ‘I have put out an all-points bulletin for law enforcement to be on the lookout for politicians in favor of health care for the needy and against tax cuts for the wealthy.’
    • This super database, in turn, could be linked to facial-recognition cameras so that an all-points bulletin could go out for a potential terrorist the second the data-mining program detected a suspicious pattern of conduct.
    • When she was kidnapped, an all-points bulletin went out in a very timely matter, but it stipulated that the information was not for press release.
    • This is an all-points bulletin: Lizz is back online!
    • You don't look for a regular witness with an all-points bulletin.
    • He said, ‘Did you put out an all-points bulletin for these two men?’