Translation of all-rounder in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌɔlˈraʊndər/ /ˌɔːlˈraʊndə/


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    he's a good all-rounder juega bien en todas las posiciones
    • Choose from batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders or a new wicket keeper - whatever is needed to take your side to the top.
    • Extra incentives will also be made to the best performing individuals with cash prizes of up to £1, 500 going to the best performing batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders.
    • He was a talented all-rounder, bowling his leg breaks off a very long run up.
    • My guess is that the new rules will put the bits-n-pieces all-rounder out of the game and encourage teams to pick genuine all-rounders or specialist batsmen/bowlers as the substitute.
    • The all-rounder was eventually clean bowled by Adam Sanford to end the New Zealand innings.
    • Ian Botham, one of the greatest cricket all-rounders of all time, received the Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of the major impact he has made to the world of sport during his remarkable career.
    • Several West Indian, Australian, Indian and Pakistan cricketers are playing in the Lancashire League - all-rounders or bowlers are usually preferred to batsmen.
    • But maybe he would've just been one of those all-rounders who can neither bat nor bowl.
    • The team consists of five all-rounders, six specialist batsmen, two wicket keepers and five strike bowlers.
    • Yet there can be no doubt now that the Lancashire giant can emerge as one of world cricket's top all-rounders.
    • Anyway, there is a second all-rounder already in the team, wicket-keeper Geraint Jones.
    • He is keen to develop his batting and become an all-rounder.
    • They picked their best batsman, their best bowler and their best all-rounder.
    • The 1980s was a time of great cricket all-rounders.
    • Today he is seen as one of the most dangerous all-rounders in international cricket.
    • ‘We had mainly all-rounders and batsmen, so we were very confident and we weren't disappointed with the result,’ he said.
    • Flintoff has the supreme gift of a Botham and all the great all-rounders.
    • Only a fortnight ago, England coach Duncan Fletcher lamented that even the world's best all-rounders rarely reached the heights of their batting and bowling games at the same time.
    • A season of English county cricket with Kent converted him to a complete all-rounder.
    • I am a bit of an all-rounder, but it was batting that I mainly refined in the family back garden.