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Pronunciation /ˌɔːlˈsɪtər/ /ˌɔːlˈsiːtə(r)/


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    all-seater stadium estadio de plazas sentadas
    • Although the 22,000 all-seater stadium and sports complex would sit outside the ward's boundaries, many residents fear it would have a big impact on their quality of life, not to mention the value of their homes.
    • Later this year, the international football governing authority FIFA will enforce a rule stating that games will have to be played in all-seater stadia with no temporary seating allowed.
    • ‘Since all-seater stadiums became the norm, more families have started to go to football games, and their kids will want to see the big-money foreign signings,’ McKeown observed.
    • It is amazing to think that a club playing in a new 20,000 all-seater stadium can be in such dire financial difficulty.
    • One of York City FC's potential new owners has met council chiefs to discuss plans for a new 15,000-capacity, all-seater stadium.
    • In the old days of terracing, those fans who wanted to sing would congregate at the back of the stand behind the goal, but the introduction of all-seater stadia has since rendered that impossible.
    • Football, where swearing once held sway, is feeling the pinch as all-seater stadia, a greater gender mix and club regulations all have an effect on what can safely be said.
    • York City will move to a new 10,000 capacity all-seater stadium in ten years time, the club's board of directors revealed today.
    • It's a common gripe that all-seater stadiums and gentrification have destroyed the atmosphere at football matches.
    • His is a talent meant for all-seater stadiums, a thoroughbred who should be a key player in the Ireland squad at the next World Cup.
    • And what other amateur sporting body in the world can boast so many stadiums, the jewel of which is a state of the art 80,000 capacity all-seater stadium, partly funded by the Government?
    • It then became public on March 19 this year that the Shaw Forest had been pinpointed as the potential home of a 22,000 all-seater stadium and an extensive sports village complex.
    • Britain's gleaming all-seater stadiums are the new cathedrals.
    • Ewood Park is an all-seater stadium but few stayed seated as fans stood anxiously, knowing either side could lose.
    • He turned Tolka into a 10,000-capacity, all-seater stadium, and struck a deal with Manchester United whereby coaching staff from the Old Trafford club would regularly lend their expertise to Shels.
    • Yorkshire County Cricket Club last night unveiled £25m plans to turn Headingley into a 20,000 all-seater stadium in four years with facilities to match any in the country.
    • Ahern's long-cherished dream has been to build a National Sports Campus, with an 80,000 all-seater stadium as its centre-piece, at Abbotstown, Dublin.
    • Sterling Capitol withdrew its plans to build an all-seater stadium last week due to the Government's decision to hold a public inquiry into them, which would have delayed the development.
    • But as the terraces succumb to the bulldozer and the sterile atmosphere of the all-seater stadium, the art of the terrace chant is in danger of dying out completely.
    • In the interim we anticipate the securing of a green-belt site and the building of a 15,000 all-seater, all-purpose stadium.