Translation of all-star in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɔlˌstɑr/


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    an all-star cast un reparto estelar / de primeras figuras
    • an all-star team un equipo estelar
    • On the one hand, you do get to see shows that might otherwise never be performed, and you get to see all-star casts that could never be assembled for a long run.
    • But there are more than three stars in this all-star cast.
    • It's a contemporary version with an a less than all-star cast.
    • Like it or not, with that kind of all-star cast, there is bound to be another media feeding frenzy when the film is released.
    • With its detailed narrative, lavish photography and all-star cast, this was more of a short film than an ad.
    • Featuring an up to scratch all-star cast, it is Close who really shines, with a cracking quirky little performance, again demonstrating her range.
    • The video performance with all-star backup singers was a bit odd.
    • Since then we've done all-star performances in London with sixty-five colleges.
    • His all-star cast may ensure a higher profile and more bums on seats in the multiplexes, but actors of the stature of Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck are not known for taking risks.
    • The all-star cast, many of whom are stars of television and national theatre, gave an outstanding performance using the bar area as a stage.
    • Stuck with an all-star cast and high-hope-filled pressure from studio execs, Hollywood publicists were in a bind.
    • The hotly anticipated annual ensemble show at the Assembly Rooms will be Midnight Cowboy, with an all-star cast still to be announced.
    • The play is being presented by Open Door Theatre with an all-star cast.
    • An all-star cast fills this remake of a classic 1960 Rat Pack film about a crook who organizes a big heist.
    • It features a glittering all-star cast that includes Clive Owen, Benicio del Toro and Brittany Murphy.
    • Chelsea supporters had arrived in south-east London to witness their all-star cast take centre stage.
    • An all-star cast is currently being assembled and this promises to be a fantastic production.
    • In the grand tradition of the Ealing comedies, the film has attracted an all-star cast of character actors.
    • In order to do that, we included an all-star cast of both monsters and actors and used the whole world as our stage.
    • The panto has an all-star cast and promises to be a sellout so the advice is to come early to get a seat.