Translation of all-terrain vehicle in Spanish:

all-terrain vehicle

vehículo todo terreno, n.

Pronunciation /ɔl təˈreɪn/ /ɔːltəˌreɪn ˈviːɪk(ə)l/


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    vehículo todo terreno masculine
    • She said: ‘The National Parks were created for people to enjoy fresh air and peace and to get away from the ever-present motor car and not as testing grounds for all-terrain vehicles.’
    • State laws addressing dealer agreements have long been a staple for sellers of RVs, automobiles, all-terrain vehicles, farm equipment and motorcycles, but marine manufacturers have lobbied state by state to prevent their passage.
    • Players can race in karts, stock cars, all-terrain vehicles and jalopies, but the problem is that none of these different vehicles add new play mechanics.
    • Not only do they produce all-terrain vehicles at their plant, but they also produce jet skis, motorcycles, utility vehicles, robots, and light rail cars.
    • There will be 45 helicopters in the air, dogs on patrol, and all-terrain vehicles on the ground, and observation posts along the public transport routes.
    • These surveys involved extensive ground traversing by all-terrain vehicles and low-level surveys from a helicopter.
    • It then added skeet shooting and has just opened some trails to all-terrain vehicles.
    • In Club Med St Lucia, daytime activities include tennis, go-kart racing, tours with the all-terrain vehicles sometimes known as quad-bikes, windsurfing, scuba and sun-bathing.
    • To prepare for the feat Steve has already completed a series of landings from much lower down using all-terrain vehicles similar to quad bikes.
    • New vehicles include the Wolf - a Land Rover replacement - and the ATV, an armoured all-terrain vehicle which will provide protected mobility.
    • Several operations have hired people to regularly drive motorcycles and/or all-terrain vehicles through the planting when the fruit is ripe.
    • It unites a high performance luxury saloon, a fully-fledged all-terrain vehicle and a versatile six-seat MPV beneath a dramatically styled sport utility body shell.
    • Irresponsible drivers of fat-tired swamp buggies, motorcycles, and other all-terrain vehicles have ripped thousands of miles of outlaw trails through ecologically sensitive land.
    • The four-wheel, all-terrain vehicles based on motorcycle engines have changed deer hunting in Texas.
    • Horses can go where vehicles can't - where even all-terrain vehicles get stuck - and cover ground possibly not traversable by foot.
    • The 57-year-old vegetable farmer said he's particularly concerned about all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, roaring through his acreage.
    • Recently, I've noticed youngsters in my area joy riding and doing wheelies on their all-terrain vehicles.
    • There are currently two models of Moonbuggy - a disabled all-terrain vehicle and an unmanned ground vehicle.
    • If you already own or are thinking of purchasing an all-terrain vehicle you may be surprised to learn how many attachments are available for it.
    • Third, he imposed new emissions standards on a range of previously unregulated machines - construction vehicles, outboard motors, all-terrain vehicles and others.