Translation of allegory in Spanish:


alegoría, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæləˌɡɔri/ /ˈalɪɡ(ə)ri/

nounplural allegories

  • 1

    alegoría feminine
    • It can, and has, also been interpreted as an allegory of the political, economic and social adventures of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries.
    • At a news conference, Lucas acknowledged the political allegories of the saga, which could have contemporary resonance although he wrote it at the time of the Nixon era.
    • My first response upon rereading the book, largely thanks to my current preoccupations, was to interpret the story as an allegory about writing fiction.
    • If you had sat through that entire game, and had experienced something of that season, you would have known that this home run was a great moment, yes, but one in a long story - not an allegory nor morality tale.
    • Later works, like The Croquet Player, are fables or political allegories.
    • A story is an allegory of real life; the characters are allegories of real people, since you only take the important parts of their lives.
    • Lyly's play uses the myth to present a political allegory of Philip of Spain, by giving Midas and his courtiers what was considered by a contemporary English audience to be a specifically Spanish characteristic: the desire for gold.
    • The interactions between the characters in Springtime obviously form a political allegory, but rarely have I seen allegorical conceits that were as likeable as these characters are.
    • I believe that categorizing this story as an allegory is more appropriate than doing so as a myth because a myth is defined as explaining natural phenomenon.
    • Panofsky argued that to understand any piece of Renaissance art it was necessary to understand its subject matter: images, stories, and allegories.
    • John Ford's classic western, starring John Wayne, is a political allegory about how ‘civilisation’ managed to conquer America's Wild West.
    • I've been thinking about Kafka's ‘Metamorphosis’, a story which is an allegory about how we view those who are chronically ill.
    • For those who don't know, the story is a futuristic allegory of the Arab Revolt familiar to most through the film Lawrence of Arabia.
    • Throw Away Kids was three interwoven stories presenting as an allegory of the experience of Native people the world over.
    • No one would want to be so foolish as to suggest that this poem is an allegory of trouble in the Church.
    • Lewis repeatedly denied that the Narnia stories were allegories.
    • You could read the relationship as a love story or an allegory of two sides struggling to come together - East and West, Christian and Muslim, the have and the have-not - against the creeping influence of negativity.
    • My university education had transformed me into a theistic evolutionist, one who believed that God intended the Genesis account of creation to be an allegory picturing the total evolution of the cosmos.
    • Some feminist critics have interpreted Frankenstein as an allegory of childbirth which, in this case, is the product of solitary male propagation, being the proverbial scientist's brain child.
    • It is, for example, perfectly possible to read the poem as an allegory not of war but of the ‘war’ between the sexes.