Translation of alley in Spanish:


callejón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæli/ /ˈali/

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nounplural alleys

  • 1

    callejón masculine
    • As you walk along narrow alleys, there is a chance that you will see a door and behind it a gondola, or a harpsichord, a fresco or a baroque orchestra rehearsing for an evening concert.
    • In the shadows of the fine buildings where they work, in the lanes and alleys behind the great houses of the wealthy, is another more dangerous city.
    • Away from boulevards and cafes, away from lights and crowds, he lived among the narrow, twisting alleys.
    • Florence's centre, with its narrow alleys, Renaissance buildings and art treasures, was off-limits to the protesters, and the airspace above the city was closed to private aircraft.
    • I've heard rumors about men in trench coats, lurking in dark alleys behind office buildings closed for the day.
    • By his watch, he waited for another forty-five minutes, sitting on the steps in an alley behind the building.
    • Some sort of material formed a network of roads in the narrow alleys between buildings, which appeared to filled with humanoids.
    • A few hours later, Paul and I were standing in the pouring rain in the alley behind the Johnston Building.
    • Curious, Katie sat up to see what it was when she heard a distinct thud in the alley behind the building.
    • People still have homes behind the peeling façades in these narrow, winding alleys.
    • It was as good of a plan as any at the time, so they began to walk down the narrow alleys and wider streets, trying to avoid as many people as possible.
    • After a lengthy walk down the alley, and behind the back of the store, he noticed a lone car parked behind some bushes and shrubbery.
    • I was walking east in the alley behind the bakery and the rest of the stores with the intent of getting food.
    • He turned a corner and walked down a narrow alley to where the door to his apartment complex was.
    • They found the club along an alley behind a bingo hall.
    • It has great 18th and 19th century architecture, with houses built one on top of another separated by stone-paved narrow alleys.
    • Chomping on an unlit cigar and wearing wrap-around shades, he strode through the narrow alleys and congratulated his troops.
    • There are narrow alleys, sharp corners, open courtyards, one-way streets, even dead ends.
    • Inside, the old town wiggles and winds in on itself, a labyrinth of narrow alleys and high walls, hiding dark courtyards.
    • The old town also reeks of the past, with its steep passageways and cobbled alleys.
  • 2

    (in park, garden)
    camino masculine
    sendero masculine
    • Down an alley lined with trees, shadowy even in the summer heat, stood a little white villa amid a wild garden.
    • The route is a fascinating medley of cobbled paths, alleys, fortified walls, and gardens.
    • Driving out I passed through rolling land with farms and forests and so many alleys of trees.
    • Rigid with fear Alf began to jog down an alley where the trees hung over to form a canopy beneath the lights creating a shadowy, menacing passageway.
    • Some other members of the neighborhood helped to plant flowers and trees along the alley.
    • He parked the car in an alley surrounded by slick blackberry bushes whose thistles needled out with blood-red tips.
    • We left after a few hours, the pounding fading back into the night up the mountain as we found our way down through the dark along narrow, stone-walled alleys lit only by cherry blossoms filtering moonlight.
    • Their trainers crunched against loose stones as they ran down a narrow dirt alley, bordered by high wooden fencing.
  • 3bowling alley

    (lane) pista feminine
    (building) bolera feminine
  • 4mainly US

    (in tennis)
    (espacio entre las líneas laterales exterior e interior) pasillo de dobles masculine
    • He is just following the tread marks and signs on the tennis alley.
    • At 4.5 feet, it is exactly the width of a tennis alley.