Translation of alliance in Spanish:


alianza, n.

Pronunciation /əˈlaɪəns/ /əˈlʌɪəns/


  • 1

    alianza feminine
    (of political parties, countries) coalición feminine
    (of political parties, countries) alianza feminine
    to enter into / form an alliance aliarse
    • There is a new openness by unions today to building alliances with community-based organizations and churches.
    • They would also benefit from alliances with community groups and other unions in putting pressure on their employer.
    • The council and the chamber should further seek alliances with such organisations as the tourism association for new ideas.
    • We also have a mandate to lobby government, and we seek to build a broad alliance of individuals and organizations that share common goals.
    • Several blocs within the alliance are vying for top government positions.
    • Such an organisational alliance with the populist right would be unthinkable for progressive French and Dutch campaigners.
    • All of this activity will benefit the Australia-U.S. alliance across the board.
    • Some of his accomplishments there included meeting and building alliances with other producer organizations.
    • Both the bank and the entrepreneurial company benefit from these Internet alliances, Cairns says.
    • A major and rather obvious benefit to forming these alliances is the ability to pool resources.
    • The government, furthermore, favoured cooperation with the labour unions and forged strong alliances with them.
    • Old alliances with organized labor and with other minority groups must be resuscitated.
    • The alliance threatened yesterday to organize 10,000 people to demonstrate if their petition is not dealt with.
    • Organize a gay-straight alliance or student group if there isn't one already.
    • In these instances members of trade unions in the alliance should also be encouraged to work together to eradicate bad practices.
    • Howard said Australia had to accept the responsibilities as well as the benefits of its alliance with the U.S.
    • Indeed, some of the founding organisations have left the alliance and struck out once again into glorious, and useless, isolation.
    • In 1939, therefore, the British and French embarked on an attempt to build an alliance with the Soviet Union.
    • We are creating an alliance between the union, service users and local communities in support of a publicly owned Royal Mail.
    • The organisation wants to forge alliances with different groups to raise awareness about animal rights.