Translation of allocate in Spanish:


asignar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈæləˌkeɪt/ /ˈaləkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (seats/resources) asignar
    (seats/resources) adjudicar
    (task/duty) asignar
    (distribute) repartir
    (distribute) distribuir
    to allocate sth to sb asignarle algo a algn
    within the time allocated dentro del plazo concedido / establecido
    • Of course, Budgets are also about allocating resources in the here and now to deal with current problems.
    • The state acts best when it takes the role of a caring parent, balancing the needs of all its children and allocating its resources accordingly.
    • Are we allocating our resources in the right direction, according to your estimates?
    • This means the role of the market in allocating resources has been weakened.
    • When the central government allocates resources, it does so on the basis of what the prisons can do for themselves, bearing in mind their access to raw materials and markets.
    • He claims this has prevented vital resources being allocated to tackle the problem.
    • As an economist, I believe in the market as an efficient mechanism for allocating resources.
    • By contrast, casting or drawing lots to assure fairness in allocating duties or rewards has been acceptable for millennia.
    • The school principal allocates resources and allows for flexible scheduling to provide time for teacher collaboration.
    • All seeds within a fruit must compete for resources allocated by the maternal plant.
    • The impact of disasters reflects the way societies choose their priorities and allocate their resources.
    • Those given responsibilities to allocate public resources must adhere to the plan.
    • Economics is often described as the study of how to allocate limited resources in the face of unlimited wants.
    • Should quality of life be a relevant factor in deciding how to allocate scarce resources?
    • Under the rules which allocate parental responsibility, the woman who gives birth to a child is in law the mother of that child.
    • Why didn't you allocate the amount of resources necessary to earn an A in this class?
    • Every member of our society is at total liberty to allocate his or her resources wherever he or she wishes.
    • Shortly this council will go through a budget process allocating millions of dollars to various projects.
    • No doubt the tourism bosses factored all this into their spreadsheets when allocating the advertising budget.
    • The budget specifically allocates a six per cent increase (over two years) for teachers' salaries.