Translation of allocation in Spanish:


reparto, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæləˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ /aləˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (distribution) reparto masculine
    (distribution) distribución feminine
    (assignment) asignación feminine
    • If they were sincere they would open the entire process of the city budget allocation to the public.
    • It will result in each resource allocation process being subject to boundary disputes.
    • And to do so it must make the efficient allocation of scare resources its prime objective at all times.
    • Even the process of labelling crates and early allocation of storage space can help.
    • Before discussing issues of allocation of shared costs we need to set out some definitions.
    • I share the concern about York's allocation of resources within the North Yorkshire police.
    • Value for money is associated with rational allocation of existing or given resources.
    • Even more thorny is likely to be the issue of school rolls, allocation of places and admissions policies.
    • One of the issues which complicates economic models of urban land allocation is the question of land supply.
    • Is a new discourse needed specifically to discuss resource allocation in the age of the human genome?
    • Thriving investors know that asset allocation has a significant impact on portfolios.
    • The reasons behind this inequity, in my mind, lie beyond simple resource allocation.
    • The matter can certainly be reviewed when details of the resulting allocation are fully known.
    • In respect of sugar, no allocation will be made under PDS for income tax assessees.
    • The outcome of the process will set precedents for water allocation plans on other rivers, too.
    • This is to ensure correct allocation of times and avoid people turning up en masse at the beginning of the event.
    • Urgent action backed by careful planning and resource allocation is needed now.
    • My account immediately showed that I had no discs at home and was awaiting allocation from their warehouse.
    • The timeliness and adequacy of resource allocations should not simply be implied but be addressed openly.
    • First, courts have not always been reluctant to adjudicate allocations of resources.
    • Poor management decisions on resource allocations can also impair the value of assets.
    • If the city has to have the best of infrastructure, it has to have the best of resource allocations.
    • We have a budget that more than takes care of the resource allocations that are needed.
    • People had no problem catching their quotas and allocations, but the price is down from last year by as much as a dollar per pound.
    • I expect to increase the allocations substantially over the next four years.
    • News of cutbacks, such as the shortfall in medical card allocations, does not enthuse voters.
    • Bonus allocations are expected for investors who hang onto their shares for an extended period.
    • Further allocations from the Dormant Banks Fund are expected next year.
    • The Minister said he expected to make his grant allocations known shortly.
    • Many shops said they had already sold out of their pre-order allocations, as fans queued through the night for them.
    • The shortfall will be made up of local government allocations, town councils and the rates.
    • Not only did they provide the dictator with needed cash, but they played right into his scheme of using oil allocations to buy favor around the globe.
    • Priorities did not drive budget allocations as they should.
    • Authorities are free to spend allocations as they see fit.
    • However, Mr Truss has conceded that some buy-back of water allocations to farmers will be necessary.
    • A big plus for the Louisbourg area has been our snow crab allocations.
    • Superbreak hold allocations of rooms at all hotels and we can book up to and including the day of departure.
    • The council will be responsible for selecting projects and deciding on individual grant allocations.
    • Until the allocations are revealed at the end of the trials, neither patients nor doctors know who is getting the real drug and who the placebo.
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    asignación feminine
    our staff allocation el personal que nos han asignado / que nos corresponde