Translation of allot in Spanish:


repartir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈlɑt/ /əˈlɒt/

transitive verb allotting, allotted, allotted

  • 1

    (land/time/tasks) (distribute) repartir
    (land/time/tasks) (distribute) distribuir
    (land/time/tasks) (assign) asignar
    (shares) adjudicar
    to allot sth to sb asignarle algo a algn
    • She made a name for herself in the mid-1990s by charging that MIT discriminated against female scientists, allotting them less lab space and giving them fewer plum assignments.
    • One portion of each side of the road is allotted for pedestrians, the other portion for cyclists.
    • The government too had to be blamed as a portion of the lake was allotted for sale.
    • We were then divided into groups and told to allot tasks such as kayaking, snorkelling and archery to various members.
    • Finally, my ears perked when she rattled off our room numbers and allotted our keys.
    • Intent and effort toward holistic living is more important than trying to allot equal time to different parts of life.
    • While allotting money to these institutional programs is federally mandated, states are not required to provide home-based alternatives, and many don't.
    • In an angry outburst against institutions that fleece their students, he argues against allotting different dates to pay fees for different classes.
    • The statistics are difficult to assess as allotting causes of various types of collapse to overwork is medically controversial and often socially embarrassing.
    • Their three-room house was built five years ago on five cents of land allotted by the Government.
    • Much of the human population there lacks the essentials, so of course homeless dogs and cats are allotted next to nothing.
    • They should resign from those positions because the posts were allotted to the party, not to them.
    • His uncle who has a furniture shop has allotted a table space outside the shop to help him operate from there.
    • At that point, if you steal my remote, or my one daily allotted cookie, I will wail on you.
    • They were allotted three meals a day, but there was a catch: their hands never came out of restraints.
    • In all the big swing states, electors are allotted on a winner-take-all basis.
    • The first floor is thought to have housed a communal dormitory, with each vicar allotted a bay.
    • The report calls for a dramatic restructuring of how aid is allotted in the region.
    • She allots roles only towards the end, so that ‘every girl knows the play, and knows it well‘.
    • To answer that question, Snyder told me that she allots two hours a day where she must sit down and write.